March 18, 2011

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Investigating whether NPR has a liberal bias and James O'Keefe on James O'Keefe

The Dangers of Reporting from Libya

The situation on the ground in Libya remains fluid. Thursday's UN Security Council resolution was followed by a ceasefire announcement by the Libyan government amid reports that attacks continued to take place against anti-government groups. One thing that has remained constant since the uprising began last month is a lack ...

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Japan's Information Crisis

Japan’s Prime Minister Naoto Kan sat down with executives from the Tokyo Electric Power Company this week and demanded to know: "What the hell is going on?" It was a question that spoke to a wary nation confused by conflicting reports of a nuclear crisis. The big question remains for ...

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Does NPR Have A Liberal Bias?

OTM takes up the question posed by Ira Glass last week on our show: Does NPR have a liberal bias? Brooke wrestles first with the (surprisingly hard to define) terms. What is liberal? What is bias? What is NPR? We then hear three different perspectives on NPR’s political leanings from ...

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What the Media Can Learn from James O'Keefe

James O'Keefe's undercover sting videos resulted in the resignations of two NPR executives last week. But what is O'Keefe, anyway? A prankster, an activist, a muckraker, a citizen journalist? None of the above? Poynter's Steve Myers helps Brooke try to label this new phenomenon, and suggests what the media can ...

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James O'Keefe

If James O'Keefe is staging guerrilla theater to expose hypocrisy and hate, a la Sasha Baron Cohen of Borat fame, maybe that's no big deal. But O'Keefe claims to be acting in the tradition of undercover investigative muckrakers. Bob asks James O'Keefe about misleading editing, distorted quotes, and how much ...

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