April 8, 2011

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Friday, April 08, 2011

For the love of slang, reporting from Libya and defending the First

The Tension in Free Expression

When the going gets tough, Americans have a tendency to treat the Bill of Rights like a luxury we cannot always afford. Andrew Kohut, president of the Pew Research Center, says polls consistently reveal the public’s misgivings about the very principles that define our democracy, including, for example, ...

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The First Amendment and the Courts

The Constitution has promised Americans free speech since 1787, but the limits of that speech have been expanded and contracted by the courts from then until now. Law professor Geoffrey Stone says the absolutist interpretation of the First Amendment we've grown accustomed to is a recent phenomenon.

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The Media Blackout of Pastor Terry Jones

The Koran burning by Florida Pastor Terry Jones that set off violent protests in Afghanistan was very nearly a non-story. Turns out Jones' previous publicity stunt left the media feeling burned and individually they reached a near consensus - not to cover him again. Who was the one ...

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Reporting From Libya Under the Watch of the Libyan Government

In the wake of the current crisis in Libya, the government allowed foreign journalists into Tripoli for the first time in decades. The Qaddafi regime has, however, attempted to exert tight controls on what those reporters cover. New York Times Cairo bureau chief David Kirkpatrick talks about the difficulties of ...

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The Journalism of North Korea

When it comes to clamping down on information, it's hard to top The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. But thanks to some very determined journalists in recent years, news is crossing the border. According to Robert Boynton in the April issue of the Atlantic, “a half-dozen independent media organizations have ...

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How to Beat Pirates

While computer games are theoretically as easy to pirate as any other kind of digital media, the video and computer game industry as a whole seems a little less caught up in anti-piracy zeal than say, the music or film industries. Bob talks to Robin Walker, a game developer for ...

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Jonathon Green's Slang

Slang is the ultimate in fleeting, faddish, subversive language that resists authority and academic rigor. Which makes it an odd fit for Jonathon Green's epic three volume, 6000-page, 450-dollar, 17 years-in-the-making herculean effort to catalog and cite over 10,000 English language slang words that stretch back over 500 years. Green ...

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The Urban Dictionary, where anyone can look up some of the most clever and most vulgar words and phrases in the English language, turns 12 this year. Its founder Aaron Peckham talks about a few of his all time favorite entries in a conversation that originally aired in ...

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