Hitting Print on The Iraq War

Friday, April 22, 2011


In other printing out the internet news, publisher James Bridle has printed every single edit ever made to The Iraq War entry on Wikipedia over a five year period. In the process, he's learned a lot about the war. He's also ended up with several giant books. Why would anyone ever want to do this? To document history on the impermanent internet says Bridle.

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Jenny from NJ

this was truly fascinating-- I applaud James Bridle for his watch dog service to democracy and his unflappable dedication to the search for truth, however it morphs. I love On the Media-- thanks for your work!

Apr. 29 2011 07:55 PM
morris wise from New York,USA

Shiites in Iran,Iraq,and Syria after their governments are abandoned will wander off into regions ruled by Sharia Law. Corrupt central authorities will be replaced by assemblies of mediators elected by local communities. Lastly, Saudi-Yemeni Arabia will become a Theocratic paradise whose wealth will be divided between Shiites and Sunnis. This new new world order will be a giant step towards peace in the Middle-East.

Apr. 24 2011 06:51 PM

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