April 29, 2011

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Friday, April 29, 2011

PlayStation's breach, iPhone's privacy issues, WikiLeaks' Guantanamo leak and Obama's birth certificate.

An Unprecedented Data Breach

Last week, hackers took down Sony's PlayStation Network, and potentially got hold of 77 million users' personal information. Nick Bilton, technology writer for the New York Times' Bits Blog, says this is just the latest and largest in a long spate of unintentional releases of personal data by corporations.

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Apple's iPhone Tracking "Bug"

Turns out, anyone who has access to your iPhone can track your whereabouts for the last year due to a technical bug. This week, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple will release a software fix for the problem. Wired's Brian Chen discusses the public's reaction to the revelation and ...

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The Guantanamo Leak

More than 750 documents about Guantanamo were released recently by WikiLeaks to several news organizations. Meanwhile, an unknown leaker out-leaked WikiLeaks and shared the files with The New York Times and NPR. The Miami Herald's Carol Rosenberg, who has covered Guantanamo for years, describes what ...

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Is HuffPost Good for Journalism?

When AOL spent $315 million to acquire the Huffington Post a month ago, the deal raised many questions. Bob talks to media critics and HuffPost founding editor Roy Sekoff and wonders what the site means to the future of journalism.

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Unpaid Contributors Sue HuffPost

The Huffington Post built itself into a multi-million dollar brand, in part, using unpaid contributors. It’s a quid pro quo: HuffPost gets content for free while activists and celebrities get a platform for their opinions. No harm, no foul. But when AOL ponied up $315 million for the site, onetime ...

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Twitter Bots

Most of us assume, when trading messages on a social networking site, that we're interacting with a human. But you might be talking to a bot - software designed to, for example, tweet. @JamesMTitus tweeted a lot and gained a bunch of followers. Yet, he (it) ...

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The Birth Certificate and Legacy of Presidential Rumors

On Wednesday, the White House released President Obama’s long-form birth certificate. Obama said he hoped the move would finally allow the country—and the media—to focus on more important issues. James Fallows, national correspondent for The Atlantic, says this isn’t the first time a president has dealt with irrational ...

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