Microsoft's Bygone Monopoly

Friday, May 20, 2011


The federal committee created to oversee Microsoft after its antitrust settlement in 1997 disbanded this month. Brooke talks to writer and Senior FTC adviser Tim Wu talks about that case and its legacy.

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Normandy from West Exeter, NY

Did Mark Zuckerberg really say "Sometimes the squirrel dying in your front yard is more relevant than the people dying in Africa."... where is this quote from? I did a cursory search of the internet and couldn't find it.


May. 26 2011 11:30 AM
Philip Prindeville from Portland, OR

Gladstone: [...] "Everyone who ever bought a Microsoft product had alternatives."

Not actually true. For many years, I couldn't buy PC hardware with no OS installed on it, even if I intended to install an Open Source Software OS like Linux on it... hence I was paying the licensing fees for software which I had no intention of using, and my first act was to be erasing it.

This is not an alternative: Microsoft is being paid for a Windows user license, regardless of whether the end-user intends to use it or not.

Microsoft IIS was also infamous for publishing Web content that wouldn't render properly (or perhaps not at all) on non-IE browsers.

Again, that's not a choice. If the web content you're accessing is your bank, a government agency, your employer, etc. then going to another "alternative" website isn't an option.

May. 22 2011 09:49 PM

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