May 27, 2011

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Patriot Act renewal, sex robots disguised as people

Patriot Act Renewed

This week Congress re-authorized the Patriot Act with the full-throated support of the Obama Administration. Bob talks with Washingtonian Magazine reporter Shane Harris about the Act's most controversial provisions.

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Iraqi Journalists Struggle for Press Freedoms

Protests against the government of Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki in many of Iraq’s big cities have been suppressed, as have the media attempting to cover them. Journalists in Iraq today are facing tactics reminiscent of the Saddam Hussein era says Sherry Ricchiardi. Ricchiardi recently wrote a report ...

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Letters and Comments

Bob reads your letters and comments.

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Making Journalism Illegal

In The Jungle Upton Sinclair went undercover and exposed the horrors of the meat packing industry in turn of the century America. Countless journalists have since employed the same tactics. Now, two states – Iowa and Minnesota – are considering legislation that would effectively criminalize such reporting. Will Potter, author ...

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The Tragic Story of Phoebe Prince

In the wake of 15-year-old Phoebe Prince's tragic suicide, the media narrative about her death was tragically familiar: she was bullied to death by mean girls and predatory boys. But the truth is much more complicated says Slate’s Emily Bazelon. Bazelon has investigated this story for months. ...

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Freedom of App-spression

KG Dogfighting is an Android app that allows users train and fight their virtual dogs. Several groups have asked Google to ban the game. But Android’s relatively liberal content policy gives its customers the freedom to choose. You won’t find KG Dogfighting or anything like it in the ...

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Web Sickness

Cyberchondria refers to the practice of using Internet search engines to wrongly diagnose oneself with serious illnesses. In this piece we originally aired in 2009, Carolyn Butler, columnist for The Washington Post talks about how cyberchondria came to be and she discusses her own bout with ...

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So-called chat bots are all over the internet – usually trying to sell us something – and it’s becoming harder and harder to distinguish actual humans from the sophisticated software designed to emulate humans. Technology writer Clive Thompson, who blogs at, encountered exactly that dilemma recently when he got ...


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