News of the World Folds

Friday, July 08, 2011


Last week, Rupert Murdoch's News of the World was a phenomenally successful tabloid newspaper in England, with 2.7 million readers. This week, the paper is being shut down after the public learned that the paper hacked the voicemails of ordinary British citizens, including a 13-year old murder victim. Bob talks to the Guardian media columnist Roy Greenslade, whose paper has led the coverage.  

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Jay from California

Shutting down NotW seems like an overreaction to the situation in Britain unless Murdoch is desperate to kill all talk of voicemail hacking. To me, this begs the question: Are his people here doing it? I would not be surprised. For example, do we know how Anthony Weiner's private photos were obtained? Certainly he didn't tweet them publicly — was his account hacked and, if so, did the hackers have an association with Fox News? (Apologies if the means of acquisition of the photos is public knowledge — I can say, somewhat proudly, that I wasn't following Weinergate that closely.)

Jul. 14 2011 01:24 PM

Dr. Henry Lee is, of course, the missing mystery name!

Jul. 13 2011 08:06 PM

In Cracking Cases famed CT forensic expert covers five of his most difficult murder investigations and just in the foreword we learn that three involve police who murder their wives, exploiting their knowledge of criminal investigations to try to stymie exposure, and the fourth is O.J.! So, convince me again that US press, politicians and law enforcement aren't all in bed with Murdoch. lol!!!

Jul. 13 2011 03:33 PM
Monica Flint from Newtwon, PA

It is clear that Rupert Murdoch approved the use of illicit, unethical, ruthless methods in pursuit of a product that resembles a newspaper but is in fact a scandal-mongering, sleazy money- spinner that has nothing to do with conveying truth and reality to the public. I think it highly likely that similar methods are used by other Murdoch newspapers in the UK, and that closing 'The N of the W' is a smokescreen.
Surely it is esential for the American press to examine closely Murdoch's news products here too: Fox News, The Wall Street Journal.The same lack of integrity and truth are certainly part of their methodology too, and yet their viewers/readers mistake them for legitimate news sources.
I am disappointed that On the Media did not pursue this angle, but seemed rather to suggest that the situation here in the USA was very different from that in the UK.
Please revist this story from the angle of the reliablity of Murdoch's news products in the USA.

Jul. 10 2011 11:49 AM
Haans from Kirtland, Ohio

You're kidding me right? Rupert Murdoch's Fox News Channel doesn't deliver votes? Doesn't peddle right wing ideology that benefits the ever more rich and powerful? The Wall Street Journal doesn't do the same on its editorial page? Murdoch and Roger Ailes are not cozy with US politicians and they don't influence legislation? This legislation does not in turn benefit Murdoch?

Has OTM become yet another news outlet that has lost its courage and is doing the journalistic equivalent of the wall of blue police put up when one of their own is accused of wrong doing? Saying that Murdoch's role was different in Great Britain than the US is just not being honest in your reporting.

And thank God for the British Royals? I nearly barfed Garfield. The whole segment was a piece of whitewash.

Jul. 09 2011 04:46 PM
Brian from Fluishing, Michigan

Three stories this week, "Hot Coffee," "The Media's Trial of Casey Anthony" and "News of the World Folds" demonstrate to me a total failure of the media business.

The editors/reporters of these stories would fail News Writing 101.

So its no surprise that the media is completely incapable of reporting complicated stories of societal consequence like the 'debt ceiling' the 'mortgage crisis' and why they don't even touch stories like Goldman Sachs' role in the downfall of the Greek economy.

On top of that lack of understanding, there is a powerful Murdoch-based yellow journalism running a 24-hour political network disguised as news.

The media business continues to fail miserably at a time when the public needs access to credible information more than ever.

Jul. 09 2011 08:09 AM

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