A Unique Opportunity for Propaganda

Friday, August 26, 2011


Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi’s government-controlled media is gone, but New York Times reporter David Kirkpatrick says that nothing has arisen in Libya to accurately relay the news. Libya, he says, remains a place where there is "no reliable rule or yardstick to measure the truth.” Brooke spoke with Kirkpatrick about the difficulties of separating truth from lies in Tripoli right now.

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frank leeming from Hot Springs National Park, Ark.

Last Friday I sent this e-mail to a friend in Philadelphia who is a former fellow editor at The Philadelphia Inquirer:

Media coverage of Irene (at least as seen from this distance) makes it sound as though there has never been a hurricane on the east coast. What a clamoring for ratings ... create a disaster-in-the-making and then say, oops, sorry, it wasn't as bad as everyone thought.

We’ve lived in New Orleans and Jacksonville, Fla., and have been through half-a-dozen hurricanes. They are common and a part of life along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Yet today the coming of a storm is akin to expecting the arrival of a man from Mars.

After 50 years in the news business, my conclusion is today’s media is driven by television and television new is, of course, pictures and entertainment – the more horrific and doom-impending the better. It’s so sad.

Frank Leeming
Hot Springs National Park, Ark.
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Aug. 28 2011 02:48 PM

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