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Friday, September 02, 2011


There's often a really interesting story behind a retraction. That's what Ivan Oransky told us. He's a doctor and journalist and founder, along with Adam Marcus, of a blog called Retraction Watch. They monitor scientific journals and investigate why articles were retracted. They uncovered serious ethical breaches at a variety of journals. We asked Oransky to tell us about some of the stories he's covered this year.

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Rostyslav SKLYAR, Dr. (Eng)

Plagiaristic team from Harvard and MIT is stealing big-timely!
There are frank confessions from the members of a united American-Chinese research gang based at MIT and Harvard University, led by "a prominent professor-inventor" R. Langer about their "breakthrough discoveries" described in Nature Materials which were stolen from my recent paper "A CNTFET-Based Nanowired Induction Two-Way Transducers" at

Mar. 03 2013 06:07 AM
Rostyslav SKLYAR, Dr. (Eng)

Plagiarism in a "family" style
How young ambitious capoes and soldiers from the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) under supervision of a decrepit american don-godfather from Northwestern University are successfully completed their sequential plagiaristic enterprise:

Oct. 26 2011 08:49 AM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

Your consistent hammering on this and similar issues is appreciated. it is under-reported!

Sep. 06 2011 11:47 PM
Paul Charles Leddy

Many scientists are shady snobs

Sep. 05 2011 11:52 PM
Sara V. Smith

That was an excellent "On The Media" session with Dr. Ivan Oransky. Though I am a young pathologist, I have had 'issues' with the direction research and paper generation for publication has been going for a while. Many of Ivan's comments were spot on, and I completely agree with his suggestions about the journey of scientific discovery and how professionals should approach research endeavors. 'Publish or perish' is not an appropriate attitude: leading to hasty, flawed study designs, creative statistics and circular, confusing diatribe masquerading as logic. Thanks for your work Ivan :)

Sep. 03 2011 07:53 AM

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