Al Jazeera English in America

Friday, September 09, 2011


Since its launch in 2006, Al Jazeera English has had a lot of trouble breaking into American markets. Andrew Stelzer reports a cautionary tale about Burlington, Vermont, a town whose cable service picked up Al Jazeera English, inspiring intense local protests.

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Jeffrey Juran from Ithaca, NY

My immediate reaction while listening to this story was 1) to wonder the relationship between this arm of AlJazeera and those others that were allegedly - and I will grant that it actually is - broadcasting hate speech, a situation that I also believe is horrible and that I take seriously, 2) the degree to which a double standard might exist in regard to all other programming on a cable network, 3) what a formula to balance positives with negatives should look like, especially as we consider who will be the audience, how critical they listen, and most important, the greater contact, unscreened, that the various communities of the world should have. What is a good definition of violence (an undesirable form of contact) - can it be by hate speech. obviously there are always going to be uncritical viewers. The case of Faux News is a great example, and the violent tendencies of that crowd, probably more self selected than changed by them, though no some of both, has been much to many people's detriment.
Fox news is characterized by the same and even worse: untrue and mis-representational propaganda, hate speech, ultimately aligning themselves with the same aims as the terrorists - the destruction of our nation's government and our way of life through their political wing, the republican party.
Is that alright to say, or as that hate speech as well?

Sep. 13 2011 04:56 PM
Margaret from Omaha, NE

Its always Christians who complain about their rights regarding outside information like AlJazeera. The CBN w/o shame do unabashed and biased reporting and proselytizing as the Christian Broadcasting System of Pat Robertson. Another is EWTN is a global, Catholic Television which is not as prolific in effecting politics as CBN.
Americans need variety of perspective and opinion to receive news .
During the Bush Presidency w/o BBC I would have chosen no news as a preference.

Sep. 11 2011 12:03 PM
Bill R from Oregon

I go to AJE online and on twitter. However, AJE has a constant unbalanced drumbeat of anti-American and anti-Israel opinion and propaganda that most Americans will find offensive. Until I actually saw how bad it was I was in favor of AJE subscription on my cable plan.

Sep. 10 2011 03:08 PM

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