The Upside of Legal Advertising

Friday, September 16, 2011


Late night ads for lawyers on TV seem like the lowest form of advertising - they prey on the weak and sleep deprived, encouraging them to monetize their misery by starting frivolous lawsuits. But might they actually serve a purpose? Bob talks to legal experts as well as the grandfather of legal advertising, and finds that even the sleaziest ad does something for the common good.

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Lillian Solis from Wyoming

Why does HIPA allow for all these call centers to take my medical formation and put it across the internet like if I was just livestock. Dont I have any RIGHTS?

Nov. 14 2012 02:04 PM
David from Greenpoint

"Bankruptcy is not the end but a new beginning." What about the losses suffered by all the vendors who must assume their losses?

Sep. 18 2011 11:03 AM

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