#16 - *Win a Million Dollar Mansion From Your HOME COMPUTER*

Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 04:09 PM

Sweepers (OTM)

"Sweepers" are people who spend their free time entering hundreds of online sweepstakes -- the contests most of us skip because we're sure they're all scams. It turns out, we're wrong. Some people win big. Reporter Laura Mayer takes us into the online sweepstakes universe.

  • Sandra Grauschopf is About.com's Contests and Sweepstakes Expert. You can visit her website, http://contests.about.com, to learn all you need to know about sweepstakes, and to check out what other sweepers have to say in About.com’s contests and sweepstakes forums.
  • You can order Don Cruz's book "Life of an HGTV Dream Home Winner" at his website, DonCruz.net


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Comments [21]

Peter from Bangkok

This was bound to happen once. It can not always just go up ... http://www.online-investment-club.info

Oct. 22 2014 12:32 AM
Alice Akrish from WA from Auburn

Would love to get custody of my kids. . They need their mom. Is it possible someone just doesn't want their house anymore?

Aug. 18 2014 06:05 PM
Jennifer from Brownsville

It would be a dream come true to win a nice home for me and my 3 kids been a single mother for 22 years .. Been through the struggle but I manage for my kids , we would love to get a nice place and leave this dump of town

Jul. 29 2014 05:49 PM
Brenda Liz Martinez from York,Pennsylvania

I want to win a house

Jun. 17 2014 08:47 AM


May. 23 2014 03:36 AM
Roberto. rios robert from 813 south Ivey lan Orlando Fl Ap B 32811

Hop to win thank you

May. 15 2014 10:43 AM
Janet Bruno

I want to win big

May. 10 2014 06:42 PM
Patricia D Ramsey from Philadelphia Pa

I am below the poverty level I have lost
my home lost my job lost my car and
my husband left me I really need this
to happen for me.

Apr. 30 2014 09:59 AM
Kenneth Lucas from lancaster ca

I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830 ,3080 aprril 30

Apr. 20 2014 06:17 AM
łukasz mruczek from USA

I must win ! http://compas.us

Apr. 18 2014 03:19 AM
Tina Everley from Lafayette,in

I need a home bad!!!!

Apr. 17 2014 08:52 PM
Joann ozbun from Carson, nd

I really would like to win or know someone who does that would prove the validity of the on line sweeps

Apr. 06 2014 08:44 AM
Tina Everley from IN

can't wait to win

Mar. 04 2014 10:05 PM
Mike White from Westland, MI

I used to work for an online sweepstakes place -- ePrize in Pleasant Ridge, MI -- and loved the stories of when prizes were picked and given away. It's kind of a remarkable thing. However, there was a big grudge against the so-called "sweepers". We fought against automated entries and tried to discourage the "sweepers" who weren't really interested in the marketing but just the prizes. For me, I didn't care, as long as I had a job. :)

Mar. 03 2014 03:25 PM
Tina Everley

hope to win!!!!

Feb. 27 2014 11:42 PM
Tina Everley

Can't wait 2 win

Feb. 26 2014 11:37 PM
SlackerInc from Missouri

It is kind of a strange, screwed up thing for HG TV to do to give people a multimillion dollar home very few of them will be able to afford to keep. But it is even stranger to be a relatively low income person and stubbornly insist on trying to keep the home instead of selling it. Once the business permit was denied, how did this family think they would pay the upkeep costs, never mind the tax payments? And why would they rather have a ridiculously large home while still owning their old home instead of selling the mansion, paying off their original homes mortgage or selling it and buying a home (nicer than their original one but not a mansion) they could own free and clear and afford to maintain? Just weird all around.

Feb. 25 2014 11:12 AM
Hugh McConnell from NC

Just like my puter, this is my new HOME!!! :-)

Feb. 24 2014 01:12 PM
Tina Everley

Can't wait to win

Feb. 22 2014 11:16 PM
Tina Everley from IN

hope I win

Feb. 21 2014 11:51 PM
mary franklin

I hope I win the home

Feb. 21 2014 08:13 AM

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