Ready For The Next Big Internet Crisis

Friday, September 23, 2011


The motivations of hackers are often obscure. The motivations of the handlers at the Internet Storm Center—the people who stand ready to battle the latest internet malady—are a little easier to understand.  Bob spoke with Alan Paller, the Director of Research at Sans Institute, home to the Internet Storm Center.  Paller says they do it to feel like they're making a difference, for personal pride...and a for leather jacket.

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edmund samph from YBL Calif.

I recently picked up malicious software on my pc that prevented me from logging in with my regular limited user. I tried to delete files that I found on my pc that did not belong there. I did find files created by some one else identified as "json".
does your site offer users any kind of in deapth registry scan to find an eliminate any
deep buried malicious code that a superficial scan will not? Symtoms login when certain keys pressed, brings up other on screen prgms while logon screen still present, reg user account locked out, Log in Admin possible if name put in last after passcode entered. Must be TSR prgm. I did find malcious word file that I could not easily delete at the root of HDD.

Sep. 25 2011 08:00 PM

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