The Media's Contentious Relationship with Presidents

Friday, October 21, 2011


Robert Lichter, of the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University has run studies similar to Pew's for decades, and has found that by and large, the press is incredibly critical of presidents. Brooke talks to Lichter about how other presidents have fared in the media compared to Obama in Pew's recently released study.

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clopha deshotel from bridgeport ct

The stomach in the fable we attribute to Aesop, called "Belly and the Other Members" (google it) can be seen as the Executive Branch of our system of self-government. Can be, not "must" be. The lungs can be viewed as the two parts of the Legislative Branch, and the "heart" can be looked at as the Judicial Branch - applying laws mindful of the original intent and/or details of a case so the punishment fits the crime.
The metaphor we use now is an elephant and a donkey fighting in a zoo. Those cute symbols for the two major parties came from an illustrator, Thomas Nast.
We can use our brain to guide the other parts, and we can "stomach" both political parties when they take a turn in the White House.
Run this by your favorite pundit, of course. Or comedian...

Oct. 25 2011 05:53 AM

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