When Republicans Go Populist

Friday, January 13, 2012


With Mitt Romney's Republican opponents labeling him "corporate raider" and a "vulture" for his career in private equity, journalists are wondering whether this marks an inflection point for the hardline free-market ideology of the Right. Brooke talks with San Francisco State University Professor Charles Postel about the history of populism in American campaigning, and in what he calls "The Second Gilded Age."

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Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

My only criticism of Michiganjf's analysis is its focus on only the U.S. nation. Our whole world is being befouled by this stripping of its natural & human resources to feed an illusion, the graph. We live not on a 2 dimensional construct but on a 3 dimensional globe in at least a 4 dimensional universe.

With the collapse of the Tea Party's influence back into its original source, the Paul campaign, other Republicans are grasping for support from the newer politically powerful activist population, the Occupy Movement. Some might be seduced' not many.

Jan. 17 2012 04:00 PM
ThisIStheman from Nyc

I think these "pundits" are reaching-
This has NOTHING to do with a "scripted speech", Controlled environments that have the questions given days before- "Cooley pulling off the highway, and hosing down the dog then putting the dog BACK on the roof" There is nothing "level-headed about this- It is something called "Inhuman". "robotic" "with our empathy and remorse" He states- "The carrier had a windscreen" No Carrier made 5 years back had "windscreen options" The store selling the item would never ever imagine it being used in this manner. Secondly and most important- When an animal is "domesticated" The ultimate In "help me please" - When something is SO beyond terror The animal will loose it's bowels as to plead that he is the Submissive in the pack- Please do not kill me. Plainly- EVERY SECOND that poor dog was on that roof- He was in MORTAL TERROR for his life- Any animal will wait day's before defecating in an area they perceive as "A safe area" I would not be shocked to learn the animal dies less then 1 year after this incident. For 16 HOURS, This Animal Thought it was dying. Picture that- Allow that to sink in- Who in they right mind would EVER subject any living creature (The Family Dog???) to this terror.
The poor animal when noticed messing his "Den" should have been put in the back area of the station wagon- as 99.9% of any person with any thoughts or feelings for something beside themselves-
This speaks more about "Who the man is" then any "speech" or "diner stop to shake hands" Just horrific. The most disturbing fact- is when asked about it today- he visibly bristles, becomes annoyed- and states "That was along time ago- The dog was fine-end of story" Not one ounce of regret or remorse.
If you watched a child torturing an animal and when stopping the act, asking why he did this, and how he felt now thinking about what had been done- And that answer was given….. (visibly angry) "The dog was fine, and it is over now so…what is the big deal" I would hope you would worry about that child- Not reward them by giving them the "Big Chair" in the house…. Sad- And for the record- I am A Dog Trainer of 18 years- in manhattan-have 2 books on working with the abused animal, and how to perceive the minute cues an animal will give at times of love-fear-anger-etc. - I am NOT tooting my own horn- I just want it to be understood I have a small amount of experience in said field- I have 2 locations, and deal with abandoned and abused animals with gently readjusting them so they do not have the imprint that all people are this ….. And NO I am not the guy on TV- I am a female- Thank you for allowing this open forum-

Jan. 15 2012 10:39 AM

When Bain acquired companies, a calculation was made about the most profitable way to proceed:

1)Dismantle the company and sell the assets, then take a huge tax write-off that eliminates any taxes on profits from the sale AND THEN SOME... "and then some" means the tax write-off is big enough to extend to other earnings beyond the sale of the liquidated assets from the now defunct company.

This option is indiscriminate about whether or not a company can be salvaged and returned to profitability, about the blood and sweat that went into creating a decent American company, and about the lost jobs and the loss to the community.

2.)Restructure the company and return it to profitability, then sell the company for a profit or retain the company as a profitable holding.

This second option can be brutal and cost jobs, but it can also save jobs and keep a good company in a community, with all the attendant benefits to that community... most Americans would see this as a beneficial role played by private equity.

Those Republicans like GINGRICH AND PERRY, who call Bain "Vulture Capitalism," are suffering from a bout of HONESTY, accidentally leveling with the American people and telling them the truth for a change. They are referring to the fact that Bain was not in the business of saving salvageable American companies, but rather it was in the business of profit and was thus only concerned with exploiting a troubled company's assets and squeezing the most profit from a venture... if that meant destroying a good company, jobs, someone's life work, and something of value in a community, SO BE IT!

This insane lapse of subterfuge shows what these people REALLY think and KNOW IN THEIR HEARTS about what is good for the country AS OPPOSED TO what is good for a few ultra-wealthy individuals who can take advantage of skewed LAWS PAID AND LOBBIED FOR BY THE RICH.

This is just one more example in which laws are skewed for the rich BY THE RICH, and work AGAINST the interest of American communities and hard-working Americans!!
After all, the tax laws could easily favor ALWAYS SAVING a salvageable company over dismantling it, instead of the other way around... but then the wealthy and their money would be tied to that company, and the Romney types generally aren't interested in the hard work of running a company, but rather are interested in the quickest way to an easy buck.

Romney and his pals exemplify the screwed up laws which the RICH have written for themselves in our country... laws which have eliminated jobs in America and put ever a larger percentage of the American Pie in the hands of the few who now benefit from the laws and politicians they have bought to rig the game.

Few begrudge Romney his massive beach-front and other homes, private jet, and ten vacations a year... BUT THE MAN DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE PRESIDENT OF A COUNTRY HE DEEMS POCKETABLE!!!!

Jan. 14 2012 11:53 AM

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