Carolyn Lerner and the Office of Special Counsel

Friday, January 27, 2012


Federal employees who blow the whistle about waste, fraud and abuse don’t have many friends (or protections) in the federal government.  But in June of 2011 they got a new ally in Carolyn Lerner, the new head of the Office of Special Counsel, tasked with protecting federal whistleblowers.  Lerner talks to Brooke about the strengths and weaknesses of her new post.

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Kenneth Blair from Winchester, Ky

I am a 100% service connected Viet Nam veteran. In 2012 my primary care doctor refused to allow me medical services at the Lexington, Ky VAMC twice. She and/or her nurse refused to order my diabetic shoes. A doctor at the VAMC threatened to not allow me medical care at the Lexington VAMC when I was sent to his office after complaining about my primary. There was a serious discrepancy in my colonoscopies of 2009 and 2013. My primary refused to find why there was such a serious discrepancy. A colonoscopy outside the VAMC only 9 months later...8 polyps were removed where 1 of the polyps was pre cancerous. The results of the 2013 exam showed absolutely no polyps when the fact is: several polyps were left in during the exam of 2009. I filed a complaint and what the Lexington VAMC's call an investigation is horrifying. Even the Office of the Inspector General simply re-stated what the VAMC staff said in the reply to my complaint....What these people have been doing to me is health compromising and life threatening. I beg that someone see that this and other situations at these VAMC's be investigated, not simply go through the motions and spend more efforts in cover-up

Jun. 23 2014 07:26 PM
Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

When I think whistle-blower, I don't think corporate or government, I think citizen. People such as Upton Sinclair, Rachel Carson and, of course, the premier whistle-blower of our times, Ralph (Unsafe at any speed) Nader. While it seems that he's made a fairly comfortable sets of arrangements for himself, flitting as he does around the nation, this office was not able to protect him from his whistle-blower status enough to assure his presence in the room no less up on the stage in a debate that by all rights should have included him.

Now he's working on a campaign to counter not Capitalism but Corporatism, an animal of a far more insidious nature. Go to to learn more.

Feb. 01 2012 02:56 PM
Tom Fiorillo

In some neighborhoods the admonition, "don't snitch," is intended to defy the law. How odd that the government tacitly supports the same concept.

Jan. 28 2012 06:58 AM

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