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Friday, February 10, 2012


To Tweet or not to Tweet graphic videos out of Syria, the seduction of covering the political horse race, and virtual pacifism in video games.

Tweeting Graphic Videos From Syria

The situation in Syria is worsening, with estimates of over 5000 dead and the regime of President Bashar Al Assad showing no signs of backing down. With a virtual media blackout in the country, videos posted to YouTube and Facebook are providing some of the only glimpses into the atrocities taking place on the ground.  Bob speaks to NPR senior strategist Andy Carvin and Sky News digital news editor Neal Mann about walking the line between conveying the immensity of the brutality without traumatizing audiences.

The Chieftans - The Stone

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Why Dana Milbank Loves Newt Gingrich

A few weeks ago Dana Milbank, political columnist for the Washington Post, pinned his heart on his sleeve and wrote a very high profile love letter.  To Newt Gingrich.  It was raw, it was honest and it was a totally tongue-in-cheek way of acknowledging the vested interest that reporters have in the seemingly endless horse race coverage. Milbank tells Bob why it was time to take his Newt love to the next level.

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Christopher Hayes on Campaign Coverage

4 years ago we spoke with The Nation's Washington editor, Christopher Hayes who was fresh off the presidential campaign trail.  He was tired, somewhat dispirited and he vowed never again to get so caught up in the minutiae of campaign coverage.  Hayes now hosts Up with Chris Hayes on MSNBC and so Brooke checks in with him to see how that vow is working out.

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Defending the First Amendment Right to Profanity

In the wake of MIA's bird-flipping performance at the Super Bowl and Gisele Bundchen's post-game profanity, Bob talks to Mary Prevost, a lawyer representing a California sports fan's who was ejected from a football game for swearing. Prevost says that ejecting him from the park was a violation of his First Amendment rights.

MIA - Paper Planes

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Virtual Pacifism

Oklahoma lawmaker William Fourkiller introduced a bill this week that would introduce a 1% tax on violent video games. But as Wall Street Journal reporter Conor Dougherty recently reported, a growing number of gamers who play these violent video games do so non-violently. Dougherty calls it virtual pacifism, essentially finding ways to play games that incorporate killing and maiming without engaging in either. Brooke talks to Dougherty about the trend, and also speaks to Brock Soicher, a 16-year-old virtual pacifist.

Boyz II Men - War

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Jacqueline Kennedy's White House

Fifty years ago, in the simpler days of television, all three networks aired a tour of the White House led by first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. As WNYC’s Sara Fishko tells us, a stunning number of Americans tuned in and took notice.

Camelot - performed by The Hollywood Studio Orchestra

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