Jacqueline Kennedy's White House

Friday, February 10, 2012


Fifty years ago, in the simpler days of television, all three networks aired a tour of the White House led by first lady Jacqueline Kennedy. As WNYC’s Sara Fishko tells us, a stunning number of Americans tuned in and took notice.

Camelot - performed by The Hollywood Studio Orchestra

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Stacy Harris from Nashville, TN

As a student of the Kennedy family for over 50 years (having met several members of the "clan"), I must say the story about Jackie's nervousness resulting in a cigarette burn was news to me!

The Vaughn Meador First Family album excerpt brought back a lot of memories. A scratched Goodwill copy is among my collection of LPs.

Howie Kurtz brought up Brian Williams' devoting an entire segment of Rock Center to the Mimi (Alford) Beardsley interview and book on this morning's edition of Reliable Sources, but I agree that OTM could expand on this. If it chooses to do so, it should be noted that, with respect to Mimi's motives, Robert Dallek’s "outed" her nine years ago, initially not by name.

Further, when Mimi's name became public, she still refused public comment but, because of all the conjecture over several years, she finally tired of the speculation and felt compelled to "set the record straight." (I think those of us who have been "written about" by those who don't know or don't want to know all of the facts, have every right to do that.)

The discussion is particularly relevant in terms of the most recent, expanded definition of rape as recommended by the FBI's advisory panel.

Stacy Harris
Publisher/Executive Editor/Media Critic
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Feb. 13 2012 01:38 AM
Andrew M from Santa Rosa CA

The parody by Vaughn Meder, The First Family, at the end sounds so dated, not funny. At the time it was considered a classic. The impressions are perfect though. That album likely was the template for all the future presidential parodies in our eras since.

About this story, every first lady since Kennedy has had TV specials about redecorating the White House, back in the day with only three networks those shows got high ratings and large viewership, at least until GWB's presidency. Of course the Kennedys were unique in their northeast coast glamour and wit. Yet, you can almost hear the sadness in Mrs. Kennedy's voice even early in their presidency.

Feb. 12 2012 06:07 PM
mike pod

For those who are unaware of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rs9gOrGU8wE

Feb. 12 2012 12:50 PM
mike pod

Ach! Speaking of opportunities, the recent revelations about JFK's infidelities and hijinx in the bathtub included his mistress' comment that they 'played games' with his collection of rubber ducks. You missed the opportunity to have continued the spoof recording to include that priceless line by the guy playing JFK: "...and the rubber duck is mine!" Oh...the memory!

Feb. 12 2012 12:47 PM
Joey from Seattle

Unbelievable. You had the perfect segue to talk about the latest Kennedy sex revelations (book released this week) but chose not to. How very typical of the liberal media - continuing your 50 year love affair with Camelot. Consider me one listener who will no longer subscribe to your completely biased perspective.

Feb. 12 2012 11:39 AM
Sue Fraser Frankewicz from Western MA

Who was doing the parody at the end of the Jackie K. piece? Where can I see or hear the whole thing?

Feb. 11 2012 02:01 PM

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