A Little Reality On Russian TV

Friday, February 17, 2012


On March 4th Russia could return Vladamir Putin to office for another 6 year term.  Putin’s seeming inevitable lock on power has brought protestors out into the street and for the first time ever that opposition is creeping onto television – both entertainment and news programming.  Alessandra Stanley, television critic for The New York Times, tells Brooke that watching Russian TV news is a little bit NPR and a little bit North Korea.

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Chris Gray from New Haven, CT

Yeah, really. I kept feeling, "They're just so much like us. This is like our media." Rya hit just the right notes. Hey, I even personally like President and First Lady Obama but to get where they are, they had to sell-out to the oligarchs and war profiteers just as the Clintons did before them. Democrats just tolerate me and my class more generously

Feb. 23 2012 02:10 AM
Ilya from WY

To premise... I am from Russia and I left Russia about 6 years ago. To your knowledge: Ksenia Sobchak which you reported as a victim on your show is basically a Russian equivalent of Paris Hilton. On of the reasons her show was cancelled is (probably) her inability to put two words in one sentence without any help for co-hosts. Also, Russian media (especially channel 1) is AN INDEPENDENT MEDIA SOURCE (much like NPR) and they are not government owned (like North Korea). They report on Putin visiting a plant just like NPR reporting on Obama giving the State of the Union Address. OTM is awesome, but when I hear such a one-sided report I start questioning OTM's reporting on Middle East, Asia and other "non-American" reporting... Russia is as democratic as the U.S. if not much more so. Check your numbers... there is opposition to current administration in Russia, but it's not much more than Tea Party in the U.S. (maybe 1% of electorate). Why does everything has to be so dramatic, especially when it's not so in reality?

Feb. 18 2012 09:22 PM

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