Advertisers Who Don't Know They're Advertising

Friday, March 09, 2012


Dozens of advertisers have pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh's radio show. But as The Atlantic Wire's Ellie Reeve found out, some of those advertisers didn't know they were advertising on the show in the first place. Others had already instructed stations not to air their spots during Limbaugh's show. Bob speaks with Reeve and then with Kim Vasey of GroupM who says advertisers not knowing where their ads are running is not uncommon.


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George Dragoumanos from Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Stehr is being a little harsh.

I didn't hear Bob say Ellie Reeve was a professional broadcaster, she's a blogger. "God-awful"? I thought Rush was an exaggerator.

PS. Would someone please tell Rush that a prostitute sells it and a slut gives it away? You'd think someone who flew to the Dominican Republic with 29 Viagra 100mg tablets in his luggage would know the difference.

Mar. 12 2012 12:26 AM

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