Oleg Kashin and the Dangers Of Russian Journalism

Friday, March 09, 2012


It’s incredibly dangerous to be a journalist in Russia – hundreds of reporters have been killed in just the last 15 years. Oleg Kashin knows that all too well, he’s a special correspondent for the Russian newspaper Kommersant and in 2010 he was viciously beaten into a coma by attackers outside his home. Kashin explains to Brooke the price of journalism in Russia and why he continues to pay it.


Oren Ambarchi - Salt

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I enjoy your reporting on Russia, but I don't think those "first time" ads for Putin came from his campaign. I haven't dug deep on this one, but according to the ads' website ( http://perviiraz.ru/style.html ):

"The authors of the social project "The First Time" are the creative bureau Aldus Adv, one of the brightest up-and-coming players in the Russian creative advertising space. Understanding their role in the solution of societal issues, specialists of this agency took the initiative to develop a creative concept dealing with the importance of youth participation in elections: "The First Time".

"Within the bounds of this concept we created a distinctive visual style and logo, as well asa series of videos, posters, flyers and web banners. Aldus Adv is willing to provide this collateral at no cost to any ad agencies and media outlets interested in distributing materials from the "First Time" campaign."

Seems to me this is a humorous viral ad for Aldus Adv's creative abilities, maybe also a cleverly subversive dig at Putin since anyone taken in by the ads was bound to think: "Ugh! He's really gone too far on this one!" Of course, maybe these gems were 100% Putin's concept and he was just passing them off as a viral ad campaign from some unknown ad agency, hmm? :-)

Mar. 18 2012 09:54 PM

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