Tracking Pundit Predictions, Correcting Wikipedia, and More

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Holding pundits accountable for their predictions, a professor's attempt to correct a fact on Wikipedia and pulling advertisements after controversy.

The Pundit Tracker

Typically, political pundits are able to get away with making predictions that are spectacularly wrong because it’s not as if somebody’s going to go back and check their work. But the new site Pundit Tracker seeks to change that by scoring television pundits on their prognostication powers. Bob talks to Sanjay Ayer, the founder and CEO of Pundit Tracker, about what he hopes to achieve with the site.

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Stand By Your Ad

While television stations are legally required to run ads purchased by election campaigns, they are allowed to refuse advertising from Super PACs. The Annenberg Public Policy Center has begun a campaign called "Stand By Your Ad," encouraging stations to refuse to run ads that contain distortions or untruths. Brooke talks to Annenberg's Kathleen Hall Jamieson about the project.


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Oleg Kashin and the Dangers Of Russian Journalism

It’s incredibly dangerous to be a journalist in Russia – hundreds of reporters have been killed in just the last 15 years. Oleg Kashin knows that all too well, he’s a special correspondent for the Russian newspaper Kommersant and in 2010 he was viciously beaten into a coma by attackers outside his home. Kashin explains to Brooke the price of journalism in Russia and why he continues to pay it.


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Advertisers Who Don't Know They're Advertising

Dozens of advertisers have pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh's radio show. But as The Atlantic Wire's Ellie Reeve found out, some of those advertisers didn't know they were advertising on the show in the first place. Others had already instructed stations not to air their spots during Limbaugh's show. Bob speaks with Reeve and then with Kim Vasey of GroupM who says advertisers not knowing where their ads are running is not uncommon.


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Listener Mail

Bob and Brooke read from a few of your letters.



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The Professor Versus Wikipedia

Professor Timothy Messer-Kruse has devoted the last ten years of his life to one topic -- the 1886 Haymarket Riot. But when Messer-Kruse tried to correct a wrong fact about the event, he ran afoul of Wikipedia's thorny editing culture. Brooke talks to Messer-Kruse about his editing travails, and Phoebe Ayers, Wikimedia Foundation member, about Messer-Kruse's experience from Wikipedia's side.


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Attack of the Reply Girls!

A new crop of cleavage-baring ladies on YouTube known as "reply girls" have been manipulating the video sharing site's related video function in order to cash in on some advertising revenue. Bob speaks to Daily Dot writer Fruzsina Eordogh about the "reply girl" phenomenon and why they are making YouTube users so angry.


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