The NEW "Choice of a New Generation"

Friday, March 16, 2012


For years, Pepsi was the "Choice of a New Generation." The iconic tagline was used in Pepsi advertisements throughout the 1980s, but now the breakfast cereal company MOM Brands is repurposing the phrase to market its Better Oats instant oatmeal. Bob speaks to MOM Brands corporate communications manager Linda Fisher about using an old tagline for a new product.


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I am from the "Pepsi Generation". From the mid-'70s through the '90s I probably drank a Pepsi a day. Never Coke. I vaguely remember some other slogan or jingle from that era, but I don't even vaguely remember "Choice of a New Generation." I would say that Pepsi did well to let it die. I would also say that their claim to some residual value in the slogan is without merit - at least in my case.

Mar. 18 2012 09:38 PM
Chris Reed from Arlington, VA

The idea of federally registering a trademark and "putting it in the good idea drawer" seems a bit at odds with trademark law. Because trademark rights arise upon use, the PTO requires that you show actual use or file a declaration of bona fide "intent to use" the mark in order to secure federal registration. It's hard to see how registering a previously used mark solely because you *might* want to use it later comports with the notion of bona fide intent to use. I do not mean to suggest that it's unique to MOM Brands -- many companies routinely register a batch of potential names or slogans in anticipation of ultimately picking one of them -- but those companies generally don't admit to doing it on national radio.

Mar. 17 2012 10:46 AM

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