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Friday, March 23, 2012


Atlantic editor Ta-Nehisi Coates has also been covering the Trayvon Martin story since very early on. However, he tells Brooke that he hesitated for a couple weeks before he started writing about the story. Coates says he sees so many stories about young black men who are killed in questionable circumstances, and those stories are rarely covered by the media. 


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fred from usa

"Why is it, that the Tayvon Martin case is drawing so much attention, when so many other gun-homicides of African-American teenagers do not draw similar attention?"

Its just because a few rabble rousers who need to sow racial discord to justify their own existences decided to jump on this issue. You don't hear about the incident where two black men set fire to a white teen boy, hell, just last year there was an incident where up to 28 mostly black boys gang raped an 11 year old hispanic girl in texas, imagine the fury if those boys were white and the girl were black. This is all just the result of a few very devious "community leaders" like the sharptons have decided to use this incident for their own ends, and that entails creating racial tensions which they put themselves forth as the solution for. That is the real story, and the one that will never be touched by the main stream media.

The awful result of this case and all the lies and deceptions told to make the narrative useful for these trouble makers is going to be backlash, they have done nothing but damage to our society. Someone needs to call them on it.

Mar. 29 2012 02:56 AM
Mark Richard from Columbus, Ohio

If an event does not satisfy a 'liberal' narrative when it comes to race and gender in this country, it isn't 'news'. The murder of Eve Carson a few years ago was intially big news at the television networks, because it fit a young-woman-as-victim addiction prevalent at Big Media. When the murder was found to be interracial - two young African-American males were the slayers, not a huge shock to people in touch with the reality of race and violent crime in this country - the story was hastily dropped.

Liberal groups seem to have a pipeline to the mainstream media that front-pages up such stories, and calls in experts to make large statements about American society and race based which are not, strictly speaking, supported by statistical evidence. The reality is that most young African-American males on the streets are much more in danger from other young African-American males than they are from 'whites', and interracial violence is much more likely to feature such young men as perpetrators than as victims.

The thing is, everyone knows this, and everyone knows why young black men in hoodies are feared. Even Jesse Jackson knows it - he spoke with unusual candor on the topic some years ago. But white liberals, including journalists, are apparently too intimidated to say so out loud. Yeah, they are 'reality-based', all right. Except when 'reality' conflicts with the urban-bourgeois view of the world. Then - silence.

The Trayvon Martin case stands on its own. Zimmerman may deserve the harshest punishment for all I know. But by the standards to which 'conservatives' are held, the media is helping to whip up a lynch-mob atmosphere, as did The New York Times in its fetid coverage of the Duke-lacrosse hoax, which MSMers seem to have forgotten.

'On the Media' wants to know, earnestly, why the mainstream media were so 'slow' to pick up on this story. OTM is too ideological to ask how the mainstream media picks and chooses what it decides is news in the first place. Well, the victims of horrible crimes which don't fit the liberal narrative are nobodies to the mainstream media and OTM, and cases such as this one end up underlining the hypocrisy - which the MSM fails to grasp.

Mar. 26 2012 12:54 PM
Zoots from Flowery Branch, GA

Heard a rebroadcast of this over the weekend. Ta-Nehisi Coates communicated his feelings so poignantly that this 58 yr old white woman was in tears by the end of the segment. This was such a good discussion minus the media hype of so many of the other broadcast news stories around this event.

Mar. 25 2012 10:00 PM
James Mitchell from Lynnwood, WA

Those who believe Obama is Muslim, or believe in intelligent design or creationism, why not call such thinking what it is: backward, unscientific, parochial. The split here is between those who know how to think and those who only respond emotionally. No thinking scientifically minded person could utter such gibberish.

Mar. 25 2012 09:31 PM

T-shirt wanted: Don't shoot me. I'm white.

Mar. 25 2012 03:08 PM

Why is it, that the Tayvon Martin case is drawing so much attention, when so many other gun-homicides of African-American teenagers do not draw similar attention?

Are there not several hundred such homicides in a city like Chicago in any given year?

Nationally, how many innocent African-American teens are gunned down by other African-American teens, as opposed to being gunned down by police, "vigilantes" (if one wants to use that term), other authority figures, whites (although George Zimmerman's ethnicity is a notable question), etc.?

Mar. 24 2012 09:38 AM
Richard Johnston from Manhattan upper west side

"... him and the other cop got into a scuffle ...."

What audience does Atlantic editor Ta-Nehisi Coates think he is speaking to?

Mar. 24 2012 07:54 AM

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