YouTube's Reply to the "Reply Girls" and Other Irrelevant Videos

Friday, April 06, 2012


OTM recently looked at the phenomenon of "Reply Girls," the cleavage baring women crowding YouTube with nonsensical videos. YouTube says it is trying to fix the problem of irrelevant videos on its site. Bob speaks to YouTube engineering director Cristos Goodrow about how the site is changing its algorithm to show users more of what they want to see.


Smog - Held


Cristos Goodrow

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Bob Garfield

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At the end of the "YouTube's Reply to the 'Reply Girls' ..." piece, Bob Garfield asked if his putting up a video of himself barechested would gain viewers, and Cristos Goodrow said it would depend on what he had to say. Goodrow is of course right.

I wonder if Bob knows that there are in fact video posters who regularly work shirt-free? One guy w/ a great voice and an even better laugh often skips the shirt, at , and another whose voice I find a bit annoying just about always does--see , , and (least watched for me) . I watch them regularly almost entirely because of what they have to say. It's nice that they look good shirtless and that, like them, I'm gay, but neither fact would keep me coming back if they weren't interesting.

So if Bob wants to post bare-chested at , I'd certainly check him out. In fact, I just did a Net image search on him in anticipation, and it looks like his visuals just might do. I suspect his audio would do even better.

Apr. 08 2012 03:35 PM

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