The Associated Press in North Korea

Friday, April 13, 2012


The world’s media may have been invited for a rare peek into North Korea this week but one news organization was already there - the Associated Press.  After a year of negotiations the AP opened the first all format, full-time bureau in Pyongyang in January, the first western journalism outfit to ever do so.  Executive Editor and Senior Vice President of the Associated Press Kathleen Carroll talks to Bob about what it means to bring the AP’s journalistic standards to reporting in North Korea.


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Bob Garfield

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Santanu Roy from New Jersey

This report and Bob's passiveness bordered on absurd if it wasn't so sinister and so tragic . Firstly N Korea, a Police Sate ?? How quaint !!! One of the most repressive regimes in teh world where millions are starved and where 100 000's die in gulags and that's all you have to say. It was made worse by the AP telling us N Koreans just want to eat at restaurants - for FUCK sake - that is all they want and they are just like us?? Can you not see that she is playing to the N Koreans and self censoring. And making stupid comparisions to the White House. Hugely dissappointing from AP but espeacally from the usual Mr Garfied. One wonders if it was FOX he may of been a bit more agressive or skeptical. Really poor and no one to call you out. I'm a liberal but this is terrible by teh so called guardian of media behaviour.

Apr. 18 2012 12:50 PM

Perhaps the AP can start with what will happen with this item in Time Magazine - Nutrition: Protein for Everybody, Friday, Mar. 17, 1967 Time Magazine
Half of the world's people are undernourished, and their most crippling deficiency is in protein, the basic building block of the human body. Its lack causes mental retardation, stunted growth, early death. Now U.S. industry and Government scientists have developed an inexpensive food supplement rich in protein. It is a "flour" made by grinding up whole fish ...

"...accelerated research into manufacture of fish protein concentrate, a new source of food for the world's hungry," Secretary of the Interior Stewart L. Udall....excerpt from a Nov 18, 1962 Press Release.

Grains, beef and other animal proteins take lots of land to raise and feed, etc. This is worth another look for humanitarian and disaster-relief needs. What better place than N. Korea?

Apr. 15 2012 05:40 PM

Wow. Amazing. Ms. Carroll veers in this interview between combative, defensive exaggeration ("So we should take orders from the White House?"), ridiculous false comparisons ("We can't walk freely in the White House either!"), and mealy-mouthed platitudes ("The Korean people want to see their children be healthy"), all the while avoiding giving real answers to the questions. She glosses over the profound differences between North Korea and other states with press restrictions. Moreover she did absolutely nothing to assure that what the AP is doing in Pyongyang could actually be considered "reporting" and not just a few random man-on-the-street chats. It's profoundly ironic that the AP spokesperson is using the kind of scarily aggressive obfuscation that North Korea is expert at.

Apr. 15 2012 05:28 PM

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