Israeli Raid on Palestinian TV Station

Friday, May 04, 2012


In February, Israeli Defense Forces raided Wattan TV, a local Palestinian station operating out of Ramallah. Brooke speaks to Wattan TV general director Muamar Orabi about the raid and the heartbreak he feels after a decade of work at the station.


Muamar Orabi

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Brooke Gladstone

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sweingram from Owings Mills

I am a regular listener to the On the Media. I have always found it to be informative and engaging. But after this piece I doubt the quality of the reporting. Ms Gladstone did not take the time to become informed as to the technical aspects of radio broadcasting. Modems are not just for computer data transmission they are part of the transmitter set that modulates the frequency of the transmission. Removing this component will disable the transmitter. The military probably thought them one and the same. Ms. Gladstone should have known this. "...but a modem!..." Yes take away the modem and there is no frequency modulation to control the transmitter.

May. 08 2012 10:18 PM
Amr from Jeddah, KSA

Aside from all the name caling and all the conspiracy theories, i liked how Brook insisted in getting an answer to conflicting information from te israeli side. 

She simply had to; if she bought into his claims, what would that make of her? Anything but a reporter. 

Thanks brook

May. 07 2012 05:38 AM
James from Boston

Ms. Gladstone's piece was an embarrassment to all who care about objectiove reporting. An inordinate amount of time was given to the personal testimony of the law-breaking (breaking the rules agreed between both Israelis and Palestinians) owner of the renegade Palestinian TV station. No comparable testimony from those impacted in Israel was provided. Gladstone only provided an interview with an Isreli government spokesperson whom she constantly berated with rude and inaccurate accusations. If Western reporters continue to enable counterproductive behavior by Palestinians, the confidence among Israelis that they have a responsible partner with whom to craft a peace agreement will be thwarted.

May. 07 2012 12:00 AM

"Harassing Palestinian journalists"
The Israeli complaint is technical while the Hamas/PA complaint is due to content. The guest went in two minutes from pompously thumbing this nose at the Israeli technical concerns enforced by the IDF ("Oh") to weeping when the discussion turned to dealing with his fellow Palestinians (sobbing). That alone shows where the real danger to his station comes from.
And for some reason Americans get to pay for all of this as we approach $16 trillion in debt.

May. 06 2012 07:30 PM
MImi from NY

Not surprised about the bias, I have long ceased to anticipate balance in reporting from left or right on either side of the Green Line, but I am surprised with BG's tone of voice, not expecting old school BBC but it was histrionic if compared with Cronkite.

May. 06 2012 05:45 PM
Fred Levine from Farmington Hills, MI

I have never heard a more lopsided interview I my life. Brooke Gladstone had a conciliatory, sorrow filled tone in her voice interviewing the Palistinian representive bowing to every comment. It was edited in such a way to evoke strong emotion. When she interviewed the Israeli representitve she was almost yelling at him falling short if calling him a liar!

This only conirms the attitude that NPR is National Palistinian Radio.

May. 05 2012 06:29 PM
Flyover from NYC

Thanks OTM for this brave presentation. There is sure to be backlash from the zionist powers and a lot of disgusting name calling.
I am glad stories like these are coming to the fore, particularly in the US where news reported from this area by our media is typically distorted, sanitized and chiefly one-side. Americans should witness how our blank check support (financial, credits, military, blood) of Israel is utilized - beyond appalling.
Hope for peace and fairness is rising with this diligent reporting by OTM, recent CBS 60 Minutes broadcast, and surprising statement made by the travel guru Rick Steves.

Keep up the great work OTM - Americans want to hear the truth of a matter, any matter.

May. 05 2012 10:48 AM

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