Reaction to Obama's Support of Gay Marriage

Friday, May 11, 2012


Barack Obama made history this week as the first sitting president to support gay marriage and the Republican response to the unprecedented announcement has been relatively quiet. Brooke speaks to writer Alex Koppelman, who says republicans are playing a game of wait-and-see before deciding how to react.


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Alex Koppelman

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Brooke Gladstone

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There are very few believers in the 10th amendment and gay marriage in the Conservative camp; It is stretch, I think, to suggest that Cheney would not be among those opposed to gay marriage were it not for his daughter. To be sure Obama allowed his political ambitions determine his forthrightness regarding Gay marriage. It is hard to believe he did not support it all along. I am willing to cut the President some slack for his position on this issue; I am not willing to cut Cheney slack for his dealings with either his conscience or the Constitution.

May. 14 2012 01:54 PM

I believe the former Vice President believes in the US Constitution and 10th Amendment on this and other issues regardless of his personal circumstances. Could it be the current President believes in the Constitution he took an oath to only when it suits him?

Cheney's motivation was his conscience on the issue. Obama's motivation is cynical manipulation of the public and maintaining his own power. One would think a man's wish for the happiness of his daughter in keeping with the Constitution would be more moving than another man's wish for a well timed fundraising windfall and a welcomed distraction from his failures during an election year after lying about his true beliefs for years on the issue for his own political advantage.

Have Obama's supporters been patronized and lied to so much by him that they are starting to like it?

May. 13 2012 08:21 PM

Does "Listener" believe that Dick Cheney would be so open to same sex marriage if it was not personal? It appears this writer wants ignore that fact: it does, after all, shade the issue significantly does it not?

May. 13 2012 06:23 PM

Completely ignored is the President's long time evolving evasion on the marriage issue ended the day after a successful showing for conservatives in Indiana and Wisconsin and Obama's narrowly defeating a convict in the West Virginia Democrat primary. That embarrassment for him like the NBC edited Zimmerman 911 tape, the criminal mayhem on May Day and Elizabeth Warren claiming to be a Native American all seem to be passed over by this media affairs program while they sardonically critique FOX....again.

Speaking of Veeps discussing same sex marriage, Obama seems to have arrived at the same conclusion former VP Cheney did a few years ago.
The difference is that Cheney had nothing to gain but Obama has a fortune to gain in contributions at a critical time while nothing actually changes on the issue.
Is he cynically using an issue very important to many people for his own gain in this election year just like he used it 2008?

May. 12 2012 12:24 AM

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