When Freedom of the Press is Not a Priority

Friday, May 18, 2012


Leaders in Ethiopia and Rwanda were once hailed as political reformers. But according to Mohamed Keita, of the Committee to Protect Journalists, Western priorities have led African democracies to narrow their free speech commitments. Mohamed speaks to Brooke about the frightening consequences when press freedoms drop off the agenda. 


Mohamed Keita

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Brooke Gladstone

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regarding the west African reporter going to china learn how to be propagandist. once again i believe that this is just another american propaganda fake news piece against the chinese fake new/propaganda from on the media. i have no doubt that african reporter means what he says. and believe it. but its still a opinion. not a fact. all news especially on on the media is propaganda. a means to persuade your opinion not reality to your listeners. facts are on the media don't cover allot of the atrocity American/ american allies commit accross the world. from backing supporting routhless dictatior to mass murder. 1 example was the general johny lumintang of Indonesia. this man who was found gulity of war crime in his own country. a man who try again and again and subsequently succeed in winning a bid in a place in Indonesia government with the help of washington marketing firm that have no problem taking his blood money. ya. its ok when we a country snuggle up to mass murdering warlords from Uzbekistan to Libya as long as these warlord country will make deals with our oil companies but when it comes to public relations in on the media. united states is still a saint. especilly when we have no problem dropping thermobaric bombs on children for the last. 20 years. yes please, allow me to list a few of the countries americans have bomb in those years. china, libya, cambodia, laos, vietam, Somalia, Ethiopia, syria, iraq, yugoslavia, croatia, el saviador, panama, colombia, compare that to china... well.. let see if on the media's propaganda team can dig up all the dead babies picture that china has bomb for the last 20 years? in the name murder and blood money for democracy, i really like to see you try! one more thing. i've said this before and i'll say it again. its all about organized crime family running a country, either directly or indirectly via corporations, think tanks, etc. it has never nor will it ever be a real true democracy in any system, history is on my side. a evolution of toward multi national corporate feudalism, in all nation, as true power via religious group or otherwise chooses its elite, propaganda machine like yours are just a blow horn for the powerful as pay to play become a norm in a anglocentric organized crime family run country like united states. by the way, did on the media ever ask yourselves why we legalized bribery so extensively in america? ya you call it capitalism. other countries call it corruption. this is how brand marketing propaganda works here, hun?.

May. 21 2012 04:23 PM

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