Chaos Scenario Revisitied

Friday, May 25, 2012


Back in 2005, Bob explained his Chaos Scenario about the future of media--including TV.  Now, he reflects back on predictions he made and the status of television viewing today.


Baba O'Riley - The Who

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Bob Garfield

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the people would be wiser without tv argument doesn't hold any water. its like saying people would be better off without novels.

Jun. 04 2012 06:13 PM
blackbelt_jones from New York

Wait, what? Without network TV, "the marketing infrastructure of the country is going to be seriously diminished"? Seriously? Apparently, without TV advertising, we would all forget to clothe and feed ourselves, and we'd be unaware of the need of a car to drive to work in the morning.

Bob says that "except for search, the internet is a terrible advertising medium", but search, the ability of consumers to find exactly what they're looking for, is one hell of an exception, no? If the purpose of the marketing infrastructure is to sell us the things we want and need, things are only getting better. The catch is that businesses are going to have produce the things we want and need.

Let's face it, if television disappeared, it would be sad, it would be painful, it would be painful, it would be traumatic... but it would probably also be a godsend. Imagine politics without big expensive TV advertising campaigns. But that's not going to happen. I'm pretty sure I heard a story this week on "Morning Edition" that said that CBS's profits were up 80 per cent. Did I dream that?

May. 27 2012 06:57 PM

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