Mexican Media: Es Muy Complicado

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Friday, June 22, 2012

This week, Brooke is joined by WNYC reporter Marianne McCune as OTM reports from Mexico! This hour features stories on the relationship between media and politics—and the youth-led movement that's fed up with it; the difficulties for journalists reporting in areas run by the drug cartels; and the image problem Mexico faces on the international stage. As we heard time and again while in Mexico: when it comes to the Mexican media, "it's very complicated."

The Mexican Media and the Presidential Elections

Brooke and WNYC reporter Marianne McCune report from Mexico City about how the Mexican media is grappling with the country's upcoming presidential elections, and the youth movement that is tired of business-as-usual.

Los Lobos - El Gusto

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The Risks for Journalists in Mexico

Brooke talks to Mike O’Connor of the Committee to Protect Journalists about the risks that reporters face in a country beset by drug-violence, often targeted at the media.  

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Reporting in Juarez

Just across the border from El Paso, Texas, Ciudad Juarez is notorious for the violence that has accompanied a long war between cartels. Marianne McCune goes to Juarez to see how the once-epicenter of Mexico’s drug violence has changed the city and the reporters who risk their lives to cover it.


Violence against journalists in veracruz

Veracruz, home of the bloody Zeta cartel, is now the most dangerous place in Mexico to be a journalist. Nine journalists have been killed in the last 12 months alone. Brooke travels to Veracruz to talk to journalists about reporting under a constant threat of violence.

Elizabeth - Soy Loca Por Ti

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Reporting via Placemat

"Alejandra," a reporter who was threatened by the Zeta cartel, began to publish news on place mats that she sold to local restaurants. Brooke talks to "Alejandra" about her determination to report in the face of threats to her and her family.

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Rehabilitating Juarez's International Image

Over the past couple years, violence in Ciudad Juarez has fallen from its peak levels, but the city (along with its neighbor accross the border, El Paso) is still trying to revitalize its image. Marianne McCune talks to the mayors of El Paso and Juarez about what they're doing to accomplish this, the 2010 decision to leave Juarez off of an El Paso tourism map, and the recent decision to add it back to the map.


Mexico's Image Problem

Mexico has an image problem around the world, exacerbated by stories of violence and corruption —not to mention lingering stereotypes from the era of the Frito Bandito. Brooke talks to a number of people grappling with Mexico's image problem.

Paco de Lucia & Rámon Algeciras - Cielito Lindo

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