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Friday, July 20, 2012

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  And now for a few of your letters. I’m in the enviable position of not having been here for the last few weeks, so these are all about Bob.

BOB GARFIELD:  And most of the negative ones concern an interview I conducted with researcher Brendan Nyhan about the debate over Mitt Romney’s role at Bain Capital after 1999. Doug Hayden writes, quote, “Nyhan was clearly suggesting that the Obama campaign has been misrepresenting Romney’s involvement with Bain, and only those who have not followed the story closely would disagree, and further, that the media have fallen down by allowing this misrepresentation to stand. I strongly disagree. My take on the story is that there is clear evidence that Romney had formal legal involvement with Bain as a result of the reported SEC filings.”

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  Similarly, Peter C. From Katy, Texas writes quote, “I have no doubt that Romney did not have day-to-day operational control, but as sole owner and CEO, I think he can be held responsible for the company's strategy….In my view, 'day-to-day operational control' was a strawman argument that Bob should have recognized and challenged.”

BOB GARFIELD:  I also aroused some ire in my discussion of bingeing on AMC's critically acclaimed series, Breaking Bad. I watched 33 episodes in three days. Michael Taylor wrote, quote, “Like a real meth junkie, you just holed up and kept snorting every last grain of the magic powder until it ran out. This doesn’t make you a bad person, Bob.” But, says Taylor, “bingeing on just about anything is unhealthy in every possible way.” He goes on to admonish me for encouraging bingeing in others, but concludes by saying quote, “I still love your insights and commentaries.”

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  Bob, you might as well finish the letter.

BOB GARFIELD:  All right. “And look forward to the return of Brooke to add her voice to the conversation.” [LAUGHS]


BROOKE GLADSTONE:  Keep sending those emails to onthemedia@wnyc.org or postingcomments@onthemedia.org, and don’t forget to tell us where you live and how to pronounce your name, and how you missed me.

BOB GARFIELD:  This is On the Media.