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Friday, July 20, 2012


Last Monday, Jeremy W. Peters' article on the front page of The New York Times opened up a conversation about the surprisingly common practice of 'quote approval' - wherein journalists send quotes back to campaign members and government officials after interviews for approval. Dan Rather called it 'jaw-dropping.' Bob investigates why journalists agree to the arrangement and what the press can do to push back.


Sally Buzbee, Mark Leibovich, Ian Traynor and Edward Wasserman

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Bob Garfield

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Marc Naimark from Paris

I concur with Shamash. This is common practice in France, and it shocked me when I learned that this was considered SOP. But in recent weeks I've been interviewed about Pride House 2012 in London, and each time, the journalist has gotten basic facts just plain wrong, and distorted what my words. I was able to obtain a correction, but I would rather have had them show me their story first so I could correct these errors before the story went to print or online.

Jul. 27 2012 08:39 AM
Nathanael Bassett

This is pretty much the embodiment of sourcing element of Chomsky and Herman's propaganda model. Surprised that wasn't mentioned.

Jul. 25 2012 05:30 PM

At the very end of the cited NY Times piece, the third to last paragraph seems to get to the heart of what is really bothering the media with a single sentence.
"Under President Obama, the insistence on blanket anonymity has grown to new levels"

Despite the effort to fault both political parties, for the most part is this really an inside baseball dispute between liberal journalists and this liberal administration whose narrative they want to advance while at the same time trying to maintain some professional integrity?
After four years of fawning coverage of this President, is the fobbed off media publicly asserting leverage against a once invincible administration that now appears to be in political trouble and needs the help of a media they have taken for granted?

If the news media "just said no" to quote approval, is the once dutiful news media now reminding the popular President they glorified in 2008, "you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen"?

Jul. 22 2012 06:26 PM

No journalist ever extended quote approval to me before mangling and turning on their head my comments in interviews.

Jul. 20 2012 08:21 PM

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