Year Zero

Friday, August 03, 2012


In the new farcical sci-fi book Year Zero, aliens, having discovered how wonderful Earth music is, learn that they owe the all the money in the universe to the United States because of its harsh copyright penalties. Brooke talks to author Rob Reid about taking the great copyright debate to absurd new heights.


Rob Reid

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Brooke Gladstone

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Bob Andrews from Champaign, IL USA

mr. reid believes music copyrights are absurd? how does he feel about the copyright on his own work? i visited his website and only found links to purchase his book through the usual on-line retailers. no link to download and share his book for free.

Aug. 05 2012 09:37 PM
Tonsotunez from Los Angeles

I just sat through Brooke Gladstone giggling her way through three copyright trashing pieces on "On The Media" ...

The Copyright Treaty That Won't Die
Hosted by: Brooke Gladstone
Guests: Jonathan Zittrain

Year Zero
Hosted by: Brooke Gladstone
Guests: Rob Reid

Hosted by: Brooke Gladstone

I was stunned ... not an ounce of objectivity ... not a glimmer that she had any idea of what she is talking about ... or... how high the stakes are ... or ... that NPR holds itself out as the champion of creativity and culture. ... So much for that fantasy!

Of course, sadly, creators expect this sort of disrespect from the anti copyright, anti creator's human rights bastion known as Harvard ... But, Gladstone's chortling, "you tell 'em cowboy" support is neither fun, endearing or fair to those creators who are trying to embrace the internet to reach potential listens in hopes of earning a living.

The little guy is getting creamed by the zealots at Harvard and their cronies who have figured out how to use the Net to excite millions who are as uniformed as Ms Gladstone to take political actions which, in the end, will be against their own best interests.

Google is making billions off the backs of creators from all branches of the creative spectrum selling advertising on website that traffic in illegal copyrighted material, and, out and out thieves are living the high life while the creators of the material they steal starve!

You can't create if you can't eat.

Where's the fairness? Where the story about that!

Aug. 05 2012 09:10 PM

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