Mat Honan's Epic Hacking

Friday, August 10, 2012

In the space of just a few hours, hackers managed to remotely delete Wired reporter Mat Honan's iPad, iPhone, even the hard drive on his computer. Brooke talks to Mat about the surprisingly simple means by which the hackers were able to devastate his online life.


Mat Honan

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Brooke Gladstone

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Aug. 22 2012 01:21 PM
Jodi from Oregon

I am surprised that Honan didn't mention having an external hard drive back up. I would think that would be the obvious way to make sure he didn't lose everything on the cloud.
No system is perfectly safe. Just because banks get robbed doesn't mean we should stop using them. Just because houses get broken into, doesn't mean we should not have anything valuable in them. I'm not against the cloud, but I think it's wise to not keep all your eggs in one basket. Or, at least keep copies in different baskets.

Aug. 15 2012 12:45 PM
inwoodita from nyc

The point is, people do use the cloud for secondary backup quite often. When you leave the house, are you going to carry your backup with you? It's heavy. And you could get mugged, drop it, lose it... If you leave it at home, you could get robbed, or your house could burn down. So, you do a secondary backup on the cloud. The point of this piece was not that it's stupid to only back up on the cloud, but more about how using the cloud at all leaves you vulnerable to hacking. So stop shaming the guy, and start coming up with solutions if you're so smart.

Aug. 12 2012 11:02 AM
FAC from South Central Texas

too bad, but only goes to show that backup to an actual external harddrive is far better than "trusting" the 'cloud'.
Hope this guy learned the quit whining & backup externally not the web!

Aug. 12 2012 10:56 AM
Ramesh from NY

He did not have single copy of 'vital data' in home and completely relayed on cloud. I am not taking about proper 'Backup' but just a copy on some old hard drive. This seems way naive to me. In fact my pharmacist friend keeps vital data on external hard drive.

Should Mat be advising other people about technology? I do not think so.

Aug. 11 2012 11:08 PM

Thank you for sharing that experience. If you see something odd like that happening to your system then disconnect and power down as soon as possible. Then carefully, think through the steps you will take to get your system up and running again. Consult your systems' support channels.

Make periodic backups of your system.

Aug. 11 2012 05:08 PM

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