Ayn Rand's Political Influence, Presidential Political Ad Season, and More

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Friday, August 17, 2012

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Talking about Ayn Rand's influence on Paul Ryan and the political landscape at large, half-truths and outright lies in this season's political advertising, remembering Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown, and a website that tracks all the homicides in Washington D.C.

The Press's Ayn Rand Obsession

This week, the media decided that the juiciest line of inquiry about the GOP’s newly minted vice presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, was how deep his allegiance was to the late novelist Ayn Rand. Brooke talks to Slate political reporter Dave Weigel about Ryan’s relationship to Rand.

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The Presidential Ad Season Begins in Earnest

In the past month there have been high profile ads supporting both major presidential candidates. Many have skewered for being untrue. The Annenberg School's Kathleen Hall Jamieson says that in the post Citizens United world you can expect to see more ads and more inaccuracy than ever before.


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Media Scrutiny Theater Returns!

Bob and Brooke announce the triumphant return of Media Scrutiny Theater, the webseries where they watch and comment on the latest batch of campaign ads.


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Non-Profit Foundations and For Profit Newspapers

This year has seen the Ford Foundation award grants to The Washington Post and The L.A. Times, both for-profit news outlets. Bob talks to The Ford Foundation's Jonathan Barzilay and NPR's Senior Vice President for News Margaret Low Smith about navigating the relationship between grant givers and news makers. 


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Homicide Watch

This week came news that the Homicide Watch D.C. might go on hiatus because its founder and proprietor Laura Amico has been awarded the Nieman-Berkman fellowship. Amico is attempting to keep Homicide Watch alive with a Kickstarter campaign to turn the website into a teaching lab for burgeoning crime reporters. In this interview from November, 2011 Brooke talks to Amico about the site's mission and how it works.

You can find the Homicide Watch Kickstarter campaign by following this link.

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Object Lesson

With the announcement of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's vice-presidential running mate this week, the philosophies of author Ayn Rand are once again part of the political discourse. In this piece that originally ran in 2008, Brooke looks at the enduring legacy of the original Objectivist.


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Remembering the Cosmo Girl

Helen Gurley Brown, longtime editor of Cosmopolitan died this week at the age of 90. While she may be best known for her sex tips in Cosmopolitan, Gurley Brown launched her career with the 1962 smash-hit book, "Sex and the Single Girl." Feminist, writer, and co-founder of Ms. magazine, Letty Cottin Pogrebin did publicity and advertising for the book and knew Gurley Brown for decades. Brooke speaks with Poegrebin about the cultural mark left by Gurley Brown.