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Friday, October 05, 2012


The presidency will be decided in four weeks. Syria is in flames. Spain is on the economic brink. But that’s not why representatives from more than a dozen news organizations filled a press tent this week on New York City’s Pier 54. No, they were there to cover David Blaine's latest stunt, "Electrified." Bob was there.

Bibio - Saint Christopher


Mohammed Awad, David Blaine, Terri Pous and Sonia Rincon

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Bob Garfield

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Bill Costley from Santa Clara CA

It's about time for the term "crude sensationalism' to reenter the vocabulary of the susceptible media for whom "really great News" is indistinguishable from really crude sensationalism.

Why aren't big-wheel truck-meets part of our daily media diet?
No pseudo-intellectual-pitch hooks? Try this:

Detroit re-discovers Big-Wheeling's beautiful-tech basis:

Big-Wheel on, naieve-sensationalist reporters...

Oct. 07 2012 06:32 PM
AGR from West Village near pier 54

Kudos to the challenges Blaine dreams up and earns support for.
Shame on the media for such one sided adulation. Standing on Pier 54, did anyone think inquisitively? Such as: what does. 3 day 24/7 blaring of amplified sound have on others?
We Villagers are the first to stand up for the rights of artists, and humans well as general, but when someone's expression comes at the cost of disturbing 100'sof folks, it raises the question of self centered hubris.
Oh yes! Both the Hudson River park officials and the Blaine organizers were placed on notice 2 days in advance of this issue when their sound checks, conducted from 12:30a thru 2:00a awakened scores of us. And there has been a stream of pleas since, to turn down the volumes, including from those of us who have gone to the pier to witness the show. Living 6-8 blocks from pier 54 one wold think we are immune. Regrettably,not.
I have a stream of communications to share from neighbors directed to this issue, but won't fill up the comment block unnecessarily.

Oct. 07 2012 01:12 PM

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