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Friday, October 12, 2012


When John Ramsey came into his substantial inheritance, he was still a college student. But he didn't use the money to party - instead he became an angel investor in Liberty for All, a libertarian Super Pac. Bob spoke with Ramsey about putting up his own money to support down-ticket libertarian candidates.

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John Ramsey

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Bob Garfield

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Kevin McKague from Davison, Michigan

Kerry Bentivolio, the libertarian candidate Mr.Ramsey helped fund in Michigan's 11th House district, has never held any office, was fired last year from his job as a high school teacher for bullying students, and once asked a local Air National Guard base for permission to fly his Santa sled and magic reindeer in their airspace.

I am a supporter of Democratic Party candidates but I do fear the influx of large amounts of money into the political process. So far this year, rich contributors have only served to keep fringe candidates in races far longer than they would normally be if they were funded by mainstream voters. Let them.

Oct. 16 2012 07:45 PM
susan from southern California

Love your show, favorite thing on the radio. But I didn't get this segment. It seemed Bob - normally so on it - missed the chance to find out what this guy was really about. Mostly I was concerned about one thing - that John Ramsey claimed to have, effectively, won two out-of-state elections, and then at the end of the interview, said that he was merely helping people with information to make their own choices, or however he put it. I've listened to the interview twice and I don't think I misheard. Why didn't Bob call him on this contradiction?

Oct. 14 2012 07:32 PM
Josh from Sadness

I'm from East Texas. One day I'm going to turn on the news and hear a story about someone from back home who IS NOT making the world a worse place. Libertarians are worse than conservatives because they empower the conservatives with a fantasy ideology...Republicans do not have a record of making Government smaller. The Hayek quoting, Milton Friedman loving libertarians keep giving them cover for this illusion.

Oct. 14 2012 09:28 AM
Erik Shelley

Did I hear right? Did Ramsey take credit for the Chauncey Gardner-like success of Kerry Bentivolio in Michigan's 11th district? He may have contributed to his campaign, but the only one responsible for Bentivolio's nomination is Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, who melted down in spectacular fashion, leaving his throw away, libertarian rival the last man standing in the Republican primary.

If he thinks grampa's money had any effect on that race, he may as well have squandered it on keg parties.

Oct. 14 2012 05:04 AM
Scott Chamberlain

I completely disagree with "Dan from USA". Complete disclosure: I am a liberal. However, I hate money in politics, no matter what side it's on. I thought the questions were WAY TOO EASY. When Ramsey said "I'm looking to build an organization that represents the special interests of the American people", he should have said "Excuse me, the American people". Come on, sure "the people" will contribute some money to his SuperPAC, but most of it will come from the super rich. Let's call a spade a spade - a super pac represents rich people, whether corporate or not.

Oct. 13 2012 03:18 PM
Steve Maggi from Austin, TX

Dan, the Libertarians are far from being incorruptible since their other cause celebre Ron Paul is a crook himself as per a report from CREW. John Ramsey is just another angry, hateful, White rich person who says liberty when he really means a return to the Gilded Age.

Oct. 13 2012 12:36 PM
Dan from USA

Extremely upset with this segment that I heard on the drive to work today.
Rather than portraying John Ramsey as the champion of the [much-deserving, credible and honest, non-corrupt] Libertarian third-party which is America's last ray of hope to save itself from the greed, corruption, ignorance, and back-patting bi-partisan oligarchical military-industrial-complex-driven.....this segment was compleeeetely bias, as Ramsey was bombarded with completely unbalanced, skewed, biased, attack-intended questioning that was so unfair it made my head spin!!

Here's John Ramsey, a young college student with an inheritance that most of us can only dream of ever obtaining...and rather than squandering it on irresponsible parties and/or extravagent unnecessary material possessions, as arguably most in his position would do -- Ramsey chose to make the [unlikely, often thankless, and non-mainstream] moral decision to SUPPORT THE LITTLE GUY.
Here he is putting up so much of his own cash, to support a cause which he believes in, and as most Who Are Familiar With believe to be the one last chance to save America's good name [domestically and abroad].

And yet all the questions just focus on him bringing in his 'big money' -never mentioning the amounts he donated to the Libertarian candidates' causes compared to their establishment-party backed opposition candidates - to the elections.
Here he his, bringing BALANCE in funding, to bring about [much-needed] awareness to a third-party candidate **which is the ONLY reason Libertarians are not popular - not enough big money for campaigns/advertisement/educating the public** ---- And Ramsey decides to portray him as some big-whig power-house dominating election-rigger.

What a shame; such a waste of a segment. This interview could have been used to shed light on the completely uphill battle Libertarians have in politics, due to lack-of-big-whig funding compared to the establishment parties......and yet it somehow got spun to be exactlty the opposite.

Funny how the media works, these days.

Oct. 13 2012 08:46 AM
Mauibrad from Everywhere


Oct. 12 2012 09:34 PM

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