Missile Crisis Memories

Friday, October 19, 2012


The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the most politically tense moments of the Kennedy presidency, and one of the most memorable media moments of the Cold War. In an interview which originally aired in 2002, Fred Kaplan talks about how the media covered the crisis then, and how that coverage led to people drawing the wrong lessons from the crisis.

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Fred Kaplan

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Brooke Gladstone

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James Davis from Dexter, MI

I was in grad school that fall, and around October 27 I had to drive that evening to the University of Detroit to get a couple of books not available elsewhere in the Detroit area. The sky was dark, thick black clouds scudded across the sky, and I think it had rained. I remember thinking at the time, "Do I really need these books?" and "Should I remain in greater Detroit?" I stayed and I read the books, too.

Oct. 25 2012 10:23 AM
Fred Leonard from Philadelphia

It's the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis so, in typical media fashion, that has to be the focus of a discussion of US inflexibility and unwillingness to compromise (aka "toughness") in international negotiations. However, what really gave negotiation a bad name for politicians was Munich - nobody wants to be the next Neville Chamberlain - certainly not the son of Ambassador Joe Kennedy, who had to prove he was more of a stand-up guy than the old man.

Oct. 22 2012 07:51 AM
Keb Radics from New Orleans

This is the best story you have ever done. Maybe the best you will ever do since it cuts to the real roots of many problems.

Oct. 21 2012 02:30 PM
Nathaniel Heidenheimer

Chomsky and the faux left [really helps the right] seem stuck on the 3rd draft. For best wider 4th draft see the best book ever published on Cold Was history JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters by James W. Douglass.

Oct. 21 2012 01:54 PM

Fred Kaplan was wrong on book on Kennedy by Garry Wills. It was "The Kennedy Imprisonment", released in 1981, not "Kennedy Agonistes". He almost surely is confusing the book title, although probably not the work, with a similar earlier work by Wills on Richard Nixon, "Nixon Agonistes".

Oct. 21 2012 12:56 PM

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