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Friday, November 02, 2012

BOB GARFIELD:  And on the subject of bad information, there is yet one more OTM voice to be heard from. Jamie?

JAMIE YORK:  Hi. I’m interim senior producer of On the Media, Jamie York. A few weeks ago, something was said during our show that I would like to take personal responsibility for. And before we get to the mistake itself, I have to admit it was not the first time it happened, and each time – well, twice - I vowed never again. This time though, I really mean it. While promoting our Media Scrutiny Theater series in which silhouettes of Bob and Brooke comment on and mock campaign ads -- to great effect, I might add -- I asked Brooke to provide a web address. She agreed, reluctantly, to say what I asked her to say.


BROOKE GLADSTONE:  You’ll find it at on the media.org\backslash\blogs\backslash\mst.


JAMIE YORK:  You’ve no doubt caught the rookie mistake. Man, are you not alone. We got some very nice but stern emails taking us to task for making such a reckless error. David Cole from something called Twitter wrote, quote, “Brooke Gladstone is still saying backslash, which always makes me wince. It’s just slash! What is that, a smiley face? Smiley face – :-)

Michael wrote, “Backslash may be fun to say but it's used in Windows DOS file addresses, not web addresses.” Leah from Brooklyn said, “You’re certainly not the first person I’ve heard misread a slash in a URL, but you are the smartest. I know you can do better.”

David Michael Su and the four and a half other people who, on my advice, broke the Internet, I'm sorry. Brooke is just as smart as she ever was. She knows good fun from bad fun. She’ll keep doing better, and better and better. I will try to get my head back in the game and rep a generation born after 1970. Never again, never again.

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  But even though I initially objected, I did say it, and I'm supposed to catch stuff like that. So I should definitely share in the ensuing abuse. That said, if you'd like to check out those Media Scrutiny Theater clips, they’re at [wuh-wuh-wuh] www. [small black circle] onthemedia. [small black circle] org/ [slash] blogs [slash] /mst.


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