A Black Box Behind A Bamboo Curtain

Friday, November 09, 2012


China is about to have an "election" of its own, with the assembly of the 18th Chinese Communist Party Congress happening this week. In addition to handing over power from one Paramount leader to the next, the Congress will oversee the appointment of the Standing Committee—the group of people who run China. Trying to figure out why they're chosen is often an exercise in the absurd for foreign journalists. Bob speaks with Time Magazine's Hannah Beech who describes what it's like to cover the party congress.

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Hannah Beech

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Bob Garfield

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kothihla from Myanmar

Hi Hannah Beech,
I read your article about myanmar monks.I found your views as biased,lowly misinterprected and could not tell real story to the world.Basically ,you are fooling the world like you really knew what happened in myanmar and why was that happened.Your article and views reflected that your limited knowledge about people and country.You are living in serveral places like bangkok,china,Have you ever criticised about what you saw,seen and heard while your stay?Then how come you suddenly came out from nowhere and started insulting a religion.Do you think buddhism is terrorism?You can turn your blind eye to ignore the truth.My message for you is that learn more and know more detail before you criticise a religion.Write report in TIMES about how china government is repressing in xingjing and tibet and write about the building where alleged of being hacking to world businesses .Let's see you can even write an article about where you are and if you really know what you are reporting.'TIMES'magazine should regret of let her insaulting article published.SHAME.

Jun. 22 2013 09:16 PM

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