What it Means to be "Online"

Friday, November 09, 2012


Last month, Forrester Research reported that people assume they spend less time online than they actually do because the way people understand what it means to be "online" is changing. On the Media producer Alex Goldman talks about our changing relationship with being online and how fiction has imagined us reaching this point for decades. 

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Gina Sverdlov

Hosted by:

Brooke Gladstone

Produced by:

Alex Goldman

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Rick K.

Nice to know several fiction authors were good at predicting how things would turn out. Sad that the latest bunch of writers have very few if any who are equally good.
However, please quit lazily going back to Ray Kurzweil for insights and quotes. He has repeatedly proven himself to be a self-promoting know-nothing, who constantly readjusts his "predictions" to a few years further in the future, without ever providing any evidence why he did so. Find somebody else who is more knowledgeable and evidence-based.

Nov. 11 2012 01:09 PM

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