How Publishing and Reading Are Changing

Friday, November 23, 2012


Publishers are trying to adapt as the book industry changes dramatically, and they're doing so in the face of rapidly changing reading habits among consumers. Brooke talks to journalist David Streitfeld and publishing industry analyst Mike Shatzkin about the changing reading landscape and the ongoing war for readers’ attention.


Michael Shatzkin and David Streitfeld

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Brooke Gladstone

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jf, I believe the song is Papa Razzi and the Photogs' "I Like the Books of Jane Austen". I think the artist is actually Matt Farley, who they cover in TLDR episode #10!

Jan. 18 2014 11:41 AM
Matunos from Seattle

Joshua, I think you're referring to this OTM piece:

While 'Everyone Poops' is still available from Amazon, I notice some of the other series that EDC publishes are not available on Amazon or only available from third parties. It may just be that Amazon had a large inventory of 'Everyone Poops'.

Nov. 28 2012 01:45 AM
jf koterski from bethesda

Could you please tell me who did that song about reading Jane Austen that ended with the confusion about the 17th vs the 18th priceless!

Nov. 26 2012 02:22 PM
Joshua Hill from Irvine, Ca.

Your show (lightly edited and then) rebroadcast on November 23, 2012 included an interview that was predicated on the absence of Educational Development Corporation's books on Amazon. This no longer appears to be true (notably, the title "Everyone Poops" is available on, and you likely ought to have mentioned this fact. Given this presumed change of status, it may have been interesting to investigate why this is so, as it recontextualizes the interview.

Nov. 24 2012 01:04 PM

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