The NFL and Player Concussion

Friday, December 07, 2012


In the past two years, seven former NFL players have killed themselves, and in each case, many argued that depression and dementia brought on by job-related concussions were to blame. The pressure is on the NFL to better protect its players, and the league is defending itself by running public service announcements during games. Bob talks to NFL Chief Marketing Officer Mark Waller about the campaign.

Acid Pauli - Mst


Mark Waller

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Bob Garfield

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Patricia Lock from California

This is yet another story where a horrible tragedy occurs and the focus is skewed. A man shot and killed a young mother, reportedly because she went out when he wanted her to stay home with their baby (while he was out), then killed himself. The focus in 90% of the news reports? Football. The other 10%? Gun violence. Where is the rest of her story? I expected better of On the Media.

Dec. 14 2012 01:03 PM

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