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Friday, January 11, 2013

BROOKE GLADSTONE:  This is On the Media. I’m Brooke Gladstone.

BOB GARFIELD:  And I’m Bob Garfield, with a few – clarifications. First up, in our television show from a few weeks ago, we spoke with TV critic Alan Sepinwall about a renaissance in scripted dramatic television. He does not, as I said, write for “HitFlicks.com.” He writes for Hitfix.com.

And in an interview we did last month with News Anchor Bill Ritter about the ethics of interviewing children who have witnessed a tragedy, several listeners wrote in to correct my use of the term “automatic weapon fire” in the Sandy Hook massacre. Actually, according to police, the popping sounds I referred to came from a semi-automatic weapon. However, I stand by my characterization. In the weapons trade, the terms “automatic” and “semi-automatic” are often used by experts interchangeably.

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