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Friday, January 25, 2013


Launched in late September, The Autism Channel is a streaming cable station that aims to cover the whole autism world. Some of the channel's hosts are on the autistic spectrum, and with autism diagnosis soaring, the station has a booming list of potential viewers. OTM Producer Chris Neary went to West Palm Beach, the home of the channel, to investigate.

Big Star - Oh My Soul


Dr. Judy Aronson-Ramos, MIchael Garvin, Daniel Heinlein and Jerry Trowbridge


Chris Neary

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Barry from Tarzana CA

Hope "Garvin on Garvin' is off the charts and finds a following as well as the channel itself

Feb. 10 2013 05:46 AM

John and Helen,

You can access this channel through Roku. In case you're not familiar, Roku is one of the streaming-media boxes. You connect it to your TV, and it uses your home's wifi to stream Roku "channels" like Netflix, Hulu, and music stations to your TV. Roku has a lot of big, national stations that are available on most computers / tablets (i.e those mentioned above). But it also has a ton of channels created and produced independently - I think anyone can create their own channel. (I'm sure that's not the official, most tech-savy explanation, but I don't have the background to explain it better than that!)

The Autism Channel is one of these - if you have a Roku box hooked up, you can access it at any time to view the content listed on their website.

I hope this helps!

Feb. 08 2013 11:16 AM
John from yelm WA

You are all taking about this channel and ask the wonderful and horrible things broadcasted on or about this channel but nobody has answered the first question on the page

" Helen garlock

Im in Florida and trying to find the tv station for the autism channel. I have 2 autistic grandchildren. Please help! Thank you

Feb. 04 2013 06:37 Pm" I'm petty sure that she amongst many others would like to have an answer I know I would thank you and have a nice day or night

Feb. 08 2013 03:44 AM
Helen garlock

Im in Florida and trying to find the tv station for the autism channel. I have 2 autistic grandchildren. Please help! Thank you

Feb. 04 2013 06:37 PM
Melissa Morgenlander from Brooklyn, NY

So thrilled that OTM did this piece about the Autism Channel. I sincerely believe that television and video - specifically, the mix of audio and visual stimulation together - play an important role in the lives of people with autism. As a children's television researcher and a parent of a child with autism, I try to document this in my blog: - I'm looking forward to highlighting the Autism Channel next!

Jan. 29 2013 10:02 AM
Susan Schmidt-Lackner from Los Angeles

I am so excited about the Autism Channel. I am a child psychiatrist specializing in autism and developmental disabilities. I am also Medical Director of an intensive day treatment 10 week program at UCLA for young children ages 2-6 in the spectrum. I would be more than happy to help you. Please feel free to contact me at; or 310825-0706. Thanks Susan Schmidt-Lackner, M.D.

Jan. 28 2013 02:09 PM
StLouis from St. Louis, MO

Those that continue to hold the long discredited relationship between childhood vaccinaiton and autism seem to do so on the basis of science, yet fail to acknowledge a single, undeniable fact: Wakefield's data was totally falsified.

Jan. 27 2013 10:56 PM
Elizabeth from Chicago

It's great that there is an Autism Channel. It's deeply, deeply misguided for the people running it to continue to promulgate the completely unethical and utterly discredited views of Wakefield, et al. Before we say what causes autism, let's do *real* science first, not the profit-driven drivel that Wakefield tried to pass off as medical research (he stood to make a fortune if the MMR vaccine was replaced by single-jab vaccines). Like so many others, I have a son with autism. He was different from birth--it was noticeable and became very apparent long before he had his MMR vaccination. So bravo for the Autism Channel; let's hope they come into the world of science rather than stay in the world of belief.

Jan. 27 2013 08:50 PM
Dee McVicker from Gilbert, Arizona

The best of luck to The Autism Channel. We look forward to tuning in! From your friends at Exceptional Minds, the first vocational school of its kind for young adults on the spectrum who are preparing for careers in post-production, animation and computer graphics.

Jan. 27 2013 08:39 PM
Bob Fesmire

It was so disappointing to hear this pioneer, Daniel Heinlein, fall prey to the same tropes that sustain climate change deniers. The research on vaccines and autism, like that behind climate change, is widely agreed upon but the prevailing view will change when there is evidence to support a change. That's what science is all about ...but you can't tell that to someone with an agenda.

Jan. 27 2013 06:24 PM
Tom from Chicago

The research on vaccines and autism are not conducted long enough to prove anything. The vaccine producers have paid out 1.5 billion for damage and death caused by the vaccines and even if the vaccine does not cause autism directly we have seen that so many vaccines given in such a short time leave the immune system weak.

Also studies show that treatments with large doses of certain vitamins beat out any disease someone might get and that treatment is a lot safer.

The medical community is taught 1 specific thing so most are not open to anything else.
Autistic people show that toxins are released from their bodies in a slower way than anyone else so even if it isn't vaccines causing autism why aren't they doing tests to see which child isn't able to rid itself if toxins fast or at all before giving it anything?

Jan. 27 2013 02:21 PM
Beth G. from Chicago, IL

My son is 9 years old and is autistic. He loves watching videos of excavators on YouTube, and he loves playing games on our iPod. What he needs is interaction with people, not more screen time.

For you to perpetuate the belief that vaccines cause autism is misleading and morally wrong. These sorts of stories infuriate me.

Jan. 26 2013 08:35 PM
jeffrey from Boca Raton

can't wait for Garvin on Garvin,go Birdman!

Jan. 26 2013 04:26 PM
Mary Beth Marsden

Ray and Jerry so proud of you guys!!! Amazing what you and all your hosts and producers have done. Great piece on NPR!!!

Jan. 26 2013 01:34 PM
ken from NYC

Hands down the best and most important broadcast coming out of WNYC. KUTGW

Jan. 26 2013 09:18 AM
Natalie Carter from New York

Awesome. This is wonderful.

Jan. 26 2013 01:16 AM

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