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Friday, January 25, 2013


Facebook has introduced a new search tool called social graph search, which lets users search across the Facebook database by users' interests. Privacy advocates aren't pleased with the new feature, arguing that it makes information about users too easy to find. Bob talks to Tom Scott, who has been given early access to the feature and has been publicizing some of his searches. 

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Tom Scott

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Bob Garfield

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Roy Newman from Dayton, Kentucky

So what happens to your Face Book data (personal and public) 100 years from now when your great, great grandchild is doing genealogical research on past generations and stumbles across an archive of virtually everything you and your collaborators posted on Face Book way back in 2013? I raise this question for a very fundamental reason. Put simply Face Book and or any subsequent entity that eventually owns Face Book owns all of your data both public and private. Lets also postulate that an Indian concern becomes the owner of Face Book at some point in the future. What is to stop them from selling or otherwise making available the entire super set of your life long Face Book data? Playing in online social media has its risks and agreements negotiated today may not necessarily be honored in the future. Once your kimono is wide open in social media it may not be possible to shut close at some later date.... The fact is.... you don't own the kimono.

Roy Newman


Jan. 31 2013 10:45 AM

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