Truman Capote's Lies, Cybersecurity and More

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Friday, February 15, 2013

How Truman Capote mixed fact and fiction in In Cold Blood, the true threat of cyberwar, and software that fact-checks political speeches in real time. 


Assessing the True Threat of Cyberwar

This week, President Obama issued an executive order to strengthen the nation's cyber security against what the government sees as a potentially cataclysmic threat. There has been plenty of drum beating about the threat of cyber warfare, but just how realistic is the threat of an attack that could wreak havoc on our national infrastructure? In a story from August of 2012, On the Media producer Alex Goldman investigates.


Jun Miyake - Lillies of the Valley

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Anatomy of a Mistake

An article published by the Washington Post reported that the government wants to create public super WiFi networks that could potentially replace the ISPs most people use now. The piece was linked and posted all over the internet, but there was one tiny problem: it was wrong. Bob talks to Ars Technica writer Jon Brodkin about the inaccuracies in the reporting and what the FCC’s proposal might actually mean.  

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Checking in on Fact Checking

This election season, fact checking has become a story in itself. But what do we really know about how different media outlets fact-check their stories, and what could they be doing better? In a piece that ran in September of 2012, Brooke speaks with "This American Life" host Ira Glass, The New Yorker's Peter Canby,"All Things Considered" producer Chris Turpin and Poynter's Craig Silverman about the process of trying to get things right.


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The Washington Post's "TruthTeller"

Late last month, The Washington Post debuted "The Truthteller," an application that it hopes will soon be able to fact-check politicians' speeches in real time using speech-to-text technology and a vast database of facts. Brooke talks to Cory Haik, The Washington Post's executive producer for digital news, about the app.


Plan B - Ill Manors

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On the Media: Facts Wrong "In Cold Blood"?

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported on decades-old documents that have recently come to light which point to significant fabrications in two chapters of Capote’s masterwork,...

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Lawrence Weschler on the Fiction of Non-Fiction

Joseph Mitchell and Ryszard Kapuscinski created some of the most celebrated narrative non-fiction of this century; full of indelible characters, scenes, and dialogue. But both have been dogged by accusations that they doctored dialogue, manufactured scenes and created composite characters. In an interview that originally aired in December 2010, Bob talks with celebrated narrative non-fiction writer Lawrence Weschler about great writers and questionable facts. 

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