Joel Simkhai, Grindr-in-Chief

Friday, April 12, 2013


Brooke talks to Grindr founder Joel Simkhai about what inspired the app and how it manages to make money.

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Ron from Near Seattle

Brook offered up an interesting stat:

"gay and bisexual men in 2010 accounted for 63 percent of all new HIV infections, even though they only represent about two percent of the population."

Now I'm not exactly sure how you do the math on this. But if 2 percent of all sexually active persons in the US (2010) are gay and bisexual men, that makes them about 1/50th of the population . 63 percent leaves 37 percent of HIV cases involving other groups. 63/37 equals about 1.73. Multiply that by 50 and you get a little over 85. Which indicates that by 2010 stats, gay and bisexual men are approximately 85 times more likely to contract HIV than the rest of the population. If this is correct, I find it shocking. What is going on with gay men?

The reason for this huge discrepancy is likely multifaceted. From what I understand, however, gay men are more susceptible because the form of sex they partake in is unnatural. The anus and rectum were not intended to be used as sex organs. And from what I hear, gay and bisexual men like to use these organs quite often for sex. Unlike a vagina, the anus and rectum are more easily damaged by sex, which makes them more conducive to HIV infection.

Is it time for gay and bisexual men to own up? Is HIV in America a gay disease?

Apr. 16 2013 02:08 AM
Steve Markham

The percentage increase of KNOWN cases of hiv infection might well be higher in gay community than others precisely because we were the first communities that suffered, the people that had to care for our own when no one else would, and so have a history of being pro-active with testing.

Apr. 14 2013 03:55 PM

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