Listener Reaction To the Boston Bombing Coverage

Friday, April 19, 2013


Earlier in the week, we asked our listeners to let us know what they thought of the coverage they were seeing. We got many thoughtful responses on our blog. In an interview recorded Thursday, listeners Alexander Hoffman, Kat Danielsen, and Roland Dumas talk with Brooke about their experience of the Boston bombing coverage.


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Brooke Gladstone

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Thad Humphries from Washington, VA

This weekend I was at my girlfriend's house, and she had CNN on. Wolf Blitzer was on almost all Saturday morning "interviewing" people in Watertown. I put interviewing in quotes because he spent more time interrupting, elaborating, and tightly framing the question than he did listening to what his subject had to say. Maybe his subject should also be in quotes: "His subject" is really Wolf Blitzer. It's no wonder he's the butt of so many jokes.

Sadly, CNN appears to be in a race to the bottom with the other "news" outlets. I overheard about an hour of "Morning Joe" last Friday morning as the search for Suspect #2 was beginning. I thought Mika Brzezinski was perilously close to expending the English language's list of adverbs and adjectives with her breathless hyperbole.

(I don't have cable or satellite in my apartment. What commercial TV I see is when I'm at a friend's house. Every time I do catch something, I'm glad I don't waste my money to bring it into my home. Thank heavens for NPR and the Washington Post.)

Apr. 23 2013 07:23 AM
Fred Leonard from Philadelphia, PA

A very interesting show, although my big question remains unaddressed: Why did the media devote relatively so much more attention to Boston than to West, Texas? The fertilizer plant explosion caused greater death and injury, more extensive damage, more disruption to the life of a community. Why was all the focus on Boston? Is it so many people from Harvard in government and the national elite media? Because so many people enjoy Boston? Because terrorism is sexier than corporate greed and negligence? There's a case study here in how the media view the world and I hope OTM looks into it.

Apr. 22 2013 05:35 PM

I got 95% of my info listening to NPR and was disappointed. They had too much time to fill with nothing to report so they brought in guests to fill the dead air instead of doing other stories and braking in when there was a real new development. One of the few good reports was from WBUR Here and How Robin Young. She interviewed her nephew Zolan who had been a friend and had invited Dzhokhar to a party at her house. The other good segment was an interview of some friends of Tamerlan's wife and how he had turned mean.
In hindsight the Feds maybe covering up what they knew about Tamerlan and maybe even Dzhokhar. The website is reporting that the brothers were agents that had been turned by Wahhabi jihadist into double agents.

Apr. 21 2013 06:06 PM
Mr. Wakiki

Is there anyone else who sees the CNN use of "Reliable Sources" that are wrong... reliable?

Protecting anonymous sources only encourages people not to be responsible

Apr. 21 2013 10:15 AM

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